Writers’ Forum Kuwait celebrates launch of Phoenix by Parminder Kaur

Writers’ Forum Kuwait celebrates launch of Phoenix by Parminder Kaur

Writers’ Forum Kuwait Meeting dated Friday, 22nd July 2022

 “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” - Wise old man, Confucius

group Pic 2 11zonLike the phoenix, Friday the 22nd July saw members of Writers’ Forum Kuwait, arise, dust off dirt (and sweat) to gather at veteran member,  Mr. Mohan Singh’s cosy flat (psst…..the one with the green netted balcony)

Excom member, Dr. Radhika Guleri presided over the meeting and the extremely talented visiting poetess, Ms. Parminder Kaur (Née host) officiated as the chief guest.

A medley of emotions ensued.   In a matter of minutes, armed with versatile Hindi, Mr Aamir Diwan, had the captive audience once again searching uncomfortably deep into their souls.  Thank God for  Ms Kalpana Shah’s  soothing, relaxing, refreshing balm in Gujrati. World beware! Ms. Parul Chaturvedi has had it and is not taking any more  - and that she made amply clear in concise Hindi. Chef Kavita Shah quickly dished out a Gujrati appetizer (oops! pacifier) in Gujrati (ofcourse). And then, a dose of simple, profound advice for India’s youth, delivered  most effectively in singsong Hindi by young Ameerudin Ameer. Taking singsong to the next level was Mr. Ibrahim Qasid Sange. The magic of a deep, well crafted urdu ghazal recited in tarannum defies description. Mr. Saeeed Nazar Kadpawi, author of the recently published and much relished book of poems, ‘Chand Gham ka’  claimed another rung in his prowess over urdu ghazal with a new creation of lasting impression. Oriya poet, Mr. Tushar regaled the audience with a sweet sounding, seriously deep, Oriya poem. So too did Syed Shabih Ahmad with his creative urdu rendition. And when Dr. Radhika took the mike, many a tree on Himachal’s hills swayed in congenial agreement.

For proof, all are directed to Chief Guest, Parminder Kaur’s latest book, Phoenix-the aware, a collection of poems laying bare the author’s vulnerabilities, strengths, pain, understanding, endurance, and spiritual awakening.  Her rendition of a few choice extracts had the audience nodding in dumbfounded agreement.   And her rendition of a new piece of work has it clearly written on the wall…..   I am the ‘Phoenix–the aware’.

Such is the power of thoughtful words strung like pearls in the Queens necklace perfectly crafted by the anchor and compere of the evening Ms. Sabiha Bilgrami.


Ms. Surinder Kaur’s choleys were lajawab.

Ms. Maimuna Chougle (WFK President) and Ms. Nazneen (General Secretary) were sorely missed.

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