Writers' Forum Kuwait’s efficacious monthly meeting

Writers' Forum Kuwait’s efficacious monthly meeting

Group 1 11zonCommitment is the foundation of great accomplishment and Writers' Forum Kuwait is incessantly accomplishing its goal of nurturing and promulgating various Indian languages through the committed efforts of its members.

A group of such dedicated and highly talented members gathered at the house of Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle on the evening of Friday, 9th September, where they showcased their extraordinary articulacy through beautiful words.

The meeting incepted with an element of surprise when the President of the Forum announced the General Secretary and Hindi / Urdu poetess Ms. Nazneen Ali to preside over the meeting while Ms. Kalpana Shah, a Gujarati and Hindi poetess was requested to be the Chief Guest. The team spirit was witnessed when Sabir Omer proficiently took the responsibility of conducting the meeting in lieu of the General Secretary, Ms. Nazneen Ali.

The meeting reached its apex in the very first session with a well drafted and engrossing article on the poetry of Fikr Taunswi by Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle. Biswa Ranjan's thought provoking article on Parent's responsibility towards their progenies was equally captivating.

Vivid poetic colors were spread by the members while complementing each other's creations and elevating the meeting to the next level with every subsequent recitation. While new member Yaseen Dawre Fana expressed fondness through his Urdu Ghazal, Shabih Ahmed was firm with his philosophical view. Ms. Kavita Sarvesh's humorous though purposeful poem was a mood changer for all. Ameeruddin Ameer was equally appreciated for his melodious recitation. Ms. Anupama Chaturvedi was unique in her own style with a perfect blend of Hindi and Urdu in her poetry and Dr. Radhika Guleri Bhardwaj was thoughtful and accurate in distinguishing between necessity and desires through her recitation in Hindi. Mohan Singh recited a very meaningful English poem composed by Ms. Parminder Kaur.

There's no beauty more mesmerizing than Urdu Ghazals. This was well established by three back to back Urdu Ghazals by seasoned Urdu poets Saeed Nazar Kadpawi, Sabir Omer and Ibrahim Sange Qasid. The couplets recited in the Ghazals had all flavors ranging from love, affection, self-respect, dignity, loyalty to betrayal.

While maintaining the multilingual spirit of the group, Ms. Kalpana Shah recited a Gujarati and Hindi poem dedicated to the love for motherland as well as maintaining the festive mood. She thanked the members of the Forum for inviting her as the Chief Guest. She appreciated each of the creations.

In her Presidential comments, Ms. Nazneen Ali expressed her gratitude to the members for their support while requesting them to go extra miles in achieving the goals of the Forum. She praised each and every member individually for their admirable presentations. The meeting concluded with her fervent and emotional Urdu Ghazal that left the audience spellbound.

The members bid adeu after relishing the savory dishes and thanking the hosts Mr. Ali Chougle and Mrs. Maimuna Ali

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