ICAI Kuwait Chapter Sports Event - "Box Cricket Tournament for Men, Women and Kids

ICAI Kuwait Chapter Sports Event - "Box Cricket Tournament for Men, Women and Kids

PHOTO 2022 09 08 17 39 51The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) – Kuwait Chapter organized a special event " Box Cricket Tournament for Men, Women and Kids" for its members and their families on 27th August 2022 at Indian English Academy School, Salmiya. As part of this event the members, their spouses and children(s) were given an opportunity to enjoy the ending summer season with a fun-filled activity in the presence and with participation of their families together.

The sports event was set in the format of separate teams each for Men and Women. In both the categories of teams, kids were included to enjoy the spirit of the game with their parents.

A total of 7 teams participated in the event - 5 Men’s teams led by CA Deepak Bindal, CA Rohit Agarwal, CA Umesh Soni, CA Shailesh N Laddhad and CA Ravi Kiran Prabhakar and 2 Women’s teams led by Ms. Pooja Laddhad (w/o CA Shailesh N Laddhad) and Rashi Agarwal (w/o CA Rohit Agarwal) respectively.

5 matches were held for the men's team out of which the top 4 teams qualified for the semi-finals.

First Men’s Semi-final was won by Team B led by CA Rohit Agarwal. Second Semi-Final match was won by Team C led by CA Umesh Soni.

Final match was held between Team B and Team C, where the match was won by Team B led by CA Rohit Agarwal.

2 matches were held between Women's Team A and B, where Team B won both the matches and was declared the winner led by Ms. Pooja Laddhad (w/o CA Shailesh Laddhad)

Award ceremony was organized for the winning teams and players as follows:

  • Player of the Series: CA Ankit Chopra (Men) and Ms. Nazish Siamwala, w/o CA Rehbar Siamwala (Women)
  • Player of the Match for Finals (Men): CA Rehbar Siamwala
  • Player of the Match for other matches (Men): CA Rehbar Siamwala, CA Dhruv Sharma, CA Shaleen Midha, CA Rohit Agarwal, CA Ravikiran Prabhakar, CA Anil Bucha, CA Jatin Bagaria
  • Player of the Match for other matches (Women): Ms. Nazish Siamwala and Ms. Charanya Sriram

Executive Committee Members of the ICAI Kuwait Chapter were present and awarded the medals, trophies, individual prizes to the players.

The tournament was live streamed on YouTube by BEN CREATIONS.

The event was organized under the leadership of CA Sriram Gopalakrishnan, Chairman of ICAI Kuwait Chapter. He was ably assisted by CA Umesh Soni, Head of Students, Exams & Sports Committee of the Chapter. CA Sriram gave a vote of thanks to all the members, their families, match officials & Event Refreshments Sponsor (Caesars Confectionaries) for the successful completion of the event.

The Kuwait chapter of ICAI has over 500 members and we engage in family events and events for charitable causes, along with education and knowledge sharing programs for the benefit of our members.”

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