Indian Embassy celebrates Namaste kuwait

Indian Embassy celebrates Namaste kuwait


Good morning to you all.

Welcome to Embassy of India, Welcome to Namaste Kuwait 2022.

WhatsApp Image 2022 09 24 at 5.53.49 AM 11zonAt the outset, I would like to thank His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Amir of the State of Kuwait and His Highness Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Crown Prince, for hosting the large Indian community in Kuwait.

It is my honour to present to you Namaste Kuwait 2022 bringing alive the cultural heritage of the majestic land that India is and showcasing its rich and diverse art forms with 75 performances with participation of over one thousand artists today with an event spread over more than 750 minutes. This is our unique way of celebrating our Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

I thank our Minister of State for External Affairs Shri V. Muraleedharan ji, who have agreed to inaugurate this event. I thank and welcome Your Excellencies who have joined us today early morning. I thank our Indian Community Support Group (ICSG) members for their support in organising this event today.

Dear Friends,

WhatsApp Image 2022 09 24 at 5.53.50 AM 11zonToday’s event, captioned Namaste Kuwait, is also a celebration of the vibrant and dynamic partnership between our two friendly countries, India and Kuwait. Our ties are time tested, they have been built over strong foundations by our peoples over centuries based on mutual trust and respect. Over time, nurtured by vibrant people to people connect and civilizational affinities, this partnership has blossomed into a forward-looking dynamic partnership. I am confident that this relationship will continue to prosper and evolve into a new age, New India-New Kuwait partnership connecting the visions of the leadership of our two friendly countries for mutual development and progress of the peoples of our two countries.

In this rich history of our partnership, the year, 2021-22, was a year of remarkable significance. This year we celebrated a unique confluence of 60th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between India and Kuwait and the 75th anniversary of Independence of India. Both these milestones are so significant that we at the Embassy have made it a top priority to celebrate these in a befitting manner, despite the challenges posed by the devastating Covid 19 pandemic. We organized several events under these broad themes.

Dear Friends,

WhatsApp Image 2022 09 24 at 5.53.52 AM 11zonOur India that is Bharat is one of the oldest, largest and perhaps among the very few continuous major civilizations in the world. Our spirituality and our rich and varied cultural diversity are attracting the entire world today. Our Yoga and Ayurveda have become the symbols of India abroad. We are a proud nation of unity in diversity. Every diverse culture in India flourishes, every religion and region in India flourishes. With this Indian culture abroad also flourishes.

In Kuwait, we celebrated all festivals of India. We also celebrated the lives of each one of our national heroes. We were so happy to see the amazing talent that the Indian community in Kuwait including our children have, who practiced and performed many art forms. I thank all the Indian Community Associations, reputed dance schools and all the many Indian artists and children who have joined hands in this effort to showcase Indian culture and heritage in Kuwait.

Dear Friends,

A lot of efforts have gone into to make this Namaste Kuwait event happen today. Our artists and organisers spent several days and nights preparing for these performances. We all know the amount of hard work and efforts required to organise any event. To coordinate and organise an event with the participation of over one thousand artists, with 75 different performances and that too for over 750 minutes of continuous flow is something that required full commitment and dedication to our motherland. It is this dedication, this commitment and this love for India and Indianness is something that we witness in Kuwait within our diaspora every day.

It is this commitment and love for our motherland that helped our community to come together to face the many challenges of Covid 19 pandemic with fortitude and determination and help each other. It is this commitment and love for our motherland that make our community the most vibrant and active expatriate community in Kuwait.

I have seen how my colleagues in the Embassy, our many artists, and others working several late nights and weekends to make this event happen today with one mission, one vision, that is to celebrate India in Kuwait. I thank particularly Habibullah Muttichoor, Sindhu Madhuraj, Vinitha Pratish, Ashraf Choorot and Yoonas Abdul Razak for their wholehearted efforts. Without their commitment this would not have been possible. I thank Indian Community Support Group (ICSG) for its support.

I once again welcome you all to Namaste Kuwait 2022.

Thank you all. 

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