Tamilnadu Engineers Forum organized Family Program on 16th September 2022

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum organized Family Program on 16th September 2022

BY8I9653 11zonTamilnadu Engineers Forum, Kuwait (TEF) as a leading Engineers Association in Kuwait, the one & only ISO 9001:2015 certified non-Profitable organization, registered with the Indian Embassy, Kuwait.

TEF, as a platform for knowledge sharing, technical & professional development between its members and the business community has a current active membership of around 550 Engineers from Tamilnadu. TEF and its members have been effectively contributing to the growth of various sectors in Kuwait.

This year, TEF is organizing its flagship program TICE (Technological Innovations Conference & Exposition) on 27th October 2022 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait.

All our activity details are available in our website https://www.google.com/url?q=http:">www.tefkuwait.com & Facebook page TEF KUWAIT.

TEF organized the family program on 16th September 2022 at Fintas Hall with the participation of distinguished guests from India.

Chief Guest of the program: Dr. A.Velumani, Creator-Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., shared his knowledge  on the topic: "Priorities of Parents & Entrepreneurial Skills"

Guest of Honor of the program: Dr. S. Sudhakar, Professor, Department of Bio-Technology, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli had spoken on the topic: "Tackling Human Ageing Process"

Guest Speaker of the Program: Dr. A. Jahir Hussain, Chairman of Arabic, University of Madras, Chennai had spoken  on the Topic: "Business between Tamil Kingdoms & Arabians"

As a Special event of the day, “Thamil Thaai Vazhthu” with Arabic Sub-titles and innovative video format culminated by Dr. Jahir Hussain was released by Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Ex-President TEF, in the presence of Mr. Ramaraj Ex-President TEF, Mr. Muthu Kumar, Ex-President TEF, Mr. Krishna Jegan, President TEF-2022 and Mr. Subramanian  Joint Secretary TEF-2022.

The event started at 9.00 AM with Thamil Thaai Vazhthu, followed with safety moment and Kural recitation. Mr. Balan, Treasurer TEF-2022 shared the welcome address. TEF-2022 President Mr. Krishna Jegan addressed the audience to participate in the forthcoming TICE, which is scheduled on 27th October 2022. Vote of Thanks was shared by Mr. Arun Golden, Jt. Treasurer, TEF-2022.

More than 500 people participated in the event and it was very useful to the participants.

The participants were enriched by the Guest Speakers and the event came to an end with Lunch.

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