Captivating Monthly Meeting of Writers’ Forum Kuwait

Captivating Monthly Meeting of Writers’ Forum Kuwait

Pic 5 11zon"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words"; Robert Frost. Indeed its rightly said and when such words are from different languages on the multilingual platform of Writers' Forum Kuwait, a magic is created that mesmerizes everyone and takes them to an altogether different world.

One such evening was witnessed on Friday, 4th November, as the members gathered for the monthly meeting at the residence of Gujarati and Hindi poetess Ms. Kalpana Shah.

The meeting started with the General Secretary Ms. Nazneen  Ali along with the president of the forum Mrs. Maimuna Chougle welcoming all the members. Both expressed their satisfaction on the progress of the Forum as witnesses by the joining of new members and rejoining of some members who had lately discontinued.

Shakeel Jamshedpuri and Aamir Diwan, both of whom are dedicated members who stand as strong pillars supporting the forum always, were respectively welcomed as the President and Chief Guest of the meeting.

The first session of the meeting was a combination of expertise and learning. While veteran Urdu Critic Mrs Maimuna Ali Chougle presented her article on Najma Mansoor which was very enlightening, novice writer Ameeruddin Ameer did equal justice while making his attempt as a story writer.

The second session was all the more entertaining with multilingual poems on different subjects, highlighting different aspects of life, featuring various emotions and depicting multiple situations with beautifully woven words reigned the meeting.

While Urdu was predominantly the language of the day, there was a good representation of Hindi English and Marathi as well. Ms. Nazneen Ali, Ms.Sabiha Bilgrami, Syed Qadar Muzammil, Shabih Ahmed, Yaseen Dawre, Kamal Ansari and Saeed Nazar Kadpawi expressed themselves beautifully through Urdu couplets and poetry. Ms. Kavita Sarvesh, Ms. Kalpana Shah and Aamir Diwan chose Hindi as a medium of their expression. Ms. Pallavi Nitin recited her Marathi poem and member Parminder Kaur's English poetry was presented by Ms. Sabiha Bilgrami. Relationships, human life, philosophy,  feelings of an expatriate, love, despair and much more was spoken by the poets in various languages.

In the concluding session Aamir Diwan expressed his happiness on the activities of the forum and the individual achievements of the members. His views were well supported by a detailed speech by the President of the evening Shakeel Jamshedpur who expressed his candid opinion on each of the creations individually. A constructive discussion was also done on some individual writing styles and tacts.

An appetizing end to the meeting was there when the members relished savoury dishes and heart warming hospitality of Mr. Atul Shah and Mrs. Kalpana Shah.

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