NIRAM 2022” Children’s Day Painting Competition Conducted by Kala (Art) Kuwait

All roads led to Aspire Indian International School, Abbasiya, Kuwait, venue of Kala (Art) Kuwait “NIRAM 2022” Children’s Day Painting Competition powered by ‘BYJUS Learning App’, in association with American Tourister and Aspire Indian International School, on Friday, 18th November 2022. The entire venue was crowded with little artists from various corners of Indian Expatriate Community in Kuwait, as well as from Arab, Philippines and Sri Lankan nationals studying in Indian Schools, flashing with different colours and lines created a festive atmosphere.

Kala 0"NIRAM-2022” the popular painting competition on the occasion of Children's Day celebration by marking the 132nd birth day of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of India. Kala (Art) Kuwait is delighted to celebrate its 18th Anniversary of “NIRAM” Painting Competition with elegance and glory which is opened for all students of Indian Schools in Kuwait.

There were more than a 3075 entries out of which 2820 children took part in the competitions. Various Gift items were distributed to all participants immediately upon conclusion of the competition of each group. Clay Sculpture was also a competition item for the students and the parents were actively participated in the open canvas as well.

Kala 1Iffco Marketing Manager Mr. Naga Rajan inaugurated the event. Felicitation were done by Aspire Indian International School Principal Mrs. Geethika Ahooja and American Tourister representative Mr. Murali. B.E.C. Exchange Manager Ramdas inaugurated the open canvas painting.  Kala(Art) Kuwait President Jason Joseph, General Secretary Rakesh P.D, Program General Convener Ajit Kumar, Treasurer Ashraf Vitura, Faber Caste Representative Karthik Ruwais, Aspire School Manager Toby, Badr AlSama Manager Abdul Khader, Jose Alukas Manager Aziz, Kala(Art) Officials Aneecha Shaijit, Jyoti Sivakumar, Mukesh V.P, Sivakumar and K Sadik were present at the inaugural function.

Well Known Artists Sasi Krishna, M.V. John, Sunil Kulanada, and Hari Chengannur had done the overall supervision of the competition. A team of more than 100 Volunteers of Kala (Art) controlled the program lead by its Executive Members Sunil, Johney, Mustafa, Aneesh, Rijo, Rathidas, Ambili Rakesh, Sisitha Girish, Sandhya Ajith, Sarath, Anil, Girish Kuttan, Vishnu, Santhosh O M, Manu and Kanakarajan.

Kala 2The results of the Competitions will be announced by the organizing committee as well as the judging committee on 1st December 2022 through leading newspapers and also websites. The prize distribution ceremony will be held on 9th December 2022 at Aspire Indian International School, Abbasiya.

Also, a Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the School from which the maximum numbers of students were participated in this event, as a tribute to our beloved Late. Mr. C Bhaskaran, one of the founder and advisory board member of Kala (Art) Kuwait.

The organizers proudly express their satisfaction on the successful completion of the competition and take this opportunity to thank all Children, Parents, Management and Teachers of all Indian schools in Kuwait, Representatives of various Indian socio-cultural organizations in Kuwait and all our Sponsors for their active participation and wholehearted support for making the event a grant success. Kala (Art) Kuwait has once again proved beyond doubt that it upholds the interests of all Art lovers in Kuwait and will continue its support for promotion of Art (Kala).  Students and parents are familiar with 'NIRAM', and they can no longer be deceived, as this is the 18th consecutive year Kala (Art) Kuwait has been successfully conducting this prestigious painting competition on the occasion of Children's day.


Kala_0.jpg Kala_1.jpg Kala_10.jpg Kala_2.jpg Kala_3.jpg Kala_5.jpg Kala_6.jpg Kala_9.jpg NIRAM_10.jpg NIRAM_116.jpg NIRAM_126.jpg NIRAM_153.jpg NIRAM_162.jpg NIRAM_182.jpg NIRAM_207.jpg NIRAM_212.jpg NIRAM_220.jpg NIRAM_222.jpg NIRAM_224.jpg NIRAM_226.jpg NIRAM_229.jpg NIRAM_235.jpg NIRAM_237.jpg NIRAM_240.jpg NIRAM_246.jpg NIRAM_257.jpg NIRAM_26.jpg NIRAM_270.jpg NIRAM_277.jpg NIRAM_281.jpg NIRAM_289.jpg NIRAM_296.jpg NIRAM_300.jpg NIRAM_304.jpg NIRAM_335.jpg NIRAM_351.jpg NIRAM_357.jpg NIRAM_365.jpg NIRAM_379.jpg NIRAM_383.jpg NIRAM_389.jpg NIRAM_393.jpg NIRAM_401.jpg NIRAM_411.jpg NIRAM_423.jpg NIRAM_432.jpg NIRAM_438.jpg NIRAM_446.jpg NIRAM_455.jpg NIRAM_465.jpg NIRAM_490.jpg NIRAM_499.jpg NIRAM_503.jpg NIRAM_504.jpg NIRAM_505.jpg NIRAM_506.jpg NIRAM_507.jpg NIRAM_508.jpg NIRAM_60.jpg NIRAM_65.jpg