Kuwait city: The leading remittance and foreign exchange brand in Kuwait M/s. UAE Exchange Centre, Kuwait launched its new branch unit at Mahboula, Block 2 on 20th February 2023. Inauguration was done by the Managing Partner of the company Mr. Mohammad Humoud Al Muhareb Al Humuod, General Manager- Mr. E Krishna Kumar, Assistant General Manager Operations- Mr. Eric Engineer, other senior officials, staff members, special invitees, customers and media representatives were attended the event.

UAE EX MAH1UAE Exchange is a brand, which is famous for its quality consciousness has over 40 years of experience in foreign exchange and remittance industry. The virtue has not only brought quality services, but also won the brand many awards from the industry specialists and other partners. It offers technologically backed high quality services such as Live & Flash remittances, SWIFT- Wired transfer services, E-wallet transfers, Corporate remittance services, Mobile application & web-based services as well as the global remittance facilities like Western Union, Transfast, Instant Cash, I Pay services etc. with over 1,35,000 payout locations in more than 125 countries.

The aim of the company is to be stay ahead of the times in providing customer friendly, value added services with warmth; fulfil the aspirations of the employees; create sustained growth in revenue and profitability; serve the society and flourish in an environment of mutual trust and transparency said by Mr. E Krishnakumar, General Manager, UAE Exchange Centre Kuwait.

UAE EX MAH2The customer centric approach of UAE Exchange Centre Kuwait has made the company as customer’s favorite exchange house across the country and its legacy of 40 years in this industry provides a trust worthy image among the other companies in this sector. The management and staffs of UAE Exchange Centre Kuwait is always obliged to deliver the best of its services to the customers, so that the new branch is dedicated our esteemed customers who have always supported the company to reach heights- stated by Mr. Dhari Al Muhareb, Asst. General Manager HR and Training, UAE Exchange Centre Kuwait.

Our intention is to become the trusted neighborhood exchange partner for our customers and hence we have been incessantly spreading our branch networks nationwide, to get as closer to customers as possible- said by Mr. Eric Engineer, Assist. General Manager Operations, UAE Exchange Centre Kuwait.

Presently UAE Exchange Centre, Kuwait has its presence in all the major and prime locations in Kuwait with more than 20 branches and mobile application facility. The newly opened branch will serve the customers every days in the week from 8 am till 9 pm. More details are available on 1808800/ 97539215 (Direct/Whatsapp).