Thanima Kuwait organized Ullasatanima 2023.

Thanima Kuwait organized Ullasatanima 2023.

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A two-day picnic "Ullasathanima2023" was organized in Kabd with the participation of members of Thanima Kuwait, a team with an undeniable presence in Kuwait's arts, culture and social issues, as well as the crew of the Macbeth play.

Ullasathanima convener Jinu Abraham, Sangeet Somnath and Ashraf Choorut led the arrangements for the programmes. Gen. Convener Babuji Bathery, Shaiju Pallipuram (Joint Convener) and Jacob Varghese (Drama Convener) managed the various programs.

Babuji informed that the two days of heart-warming performances by children and adults, appreciation of the cast of "Macbeth" successfully organized by Natakthanima and giving away the stress of work became a pleasant memory for the members.

The meeting congratulated those who worked tirelessly in various fields to make Macbeth play a success. Thanima paid tribute to Director Babuji Bathery, Artist Sujathan Master, who made the screenplay, and Raghunathan Nair, a founding member and hardcore member visited Kuwait, who worked hard to make the play Macbeth a reality.

Planning meetings for various future programs of Thanima were also organized.

Program Convener Jinu Abraham entrusted the commitment of Thanima Kuwait in different, transparent and exemplary involvement in the artistic, cultural and social education levels of Kuwait and the country in general and expressed the willingness to serve as in the past.

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