Sri Annapoorna Veggie Restaurant Opened Doors in Abu Halifa Block 1 Al Raya towers on 10th Sep 2023

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Sri Annapoorna Veggie restaurant opened doors in Abu Halifa Block 1 Al Raya towers on 10th Sep 2023. This is the 3rd branch of Sri Annapoorna after Salmiya Block 10 & Sharq (Near Kipco towers). It was inaugurated by the owners Mr. Murali Raghavan & Mrs Rathna Murali. The Inaugural function was attended by friends, well-wishers, Customers and key members from various Indian Associations in Kuwait. Sri Annapoorna offers a wide range of Healthy South Indian , North Indian, Chinese , Chaats & Sweets and Snacks in all their branches. They are well known for their home-like food , Authentic taste and offer their services for parties , meetings and live Chaat & Dosa counters.

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