Meet Khaleel Baaqavee, the Tamilnadu man who was awarded 210 online quiz certificates to earn an India Book of Records

Meet Khaleel Baaqavee, the Tamilnadu man who was awarded 210 online quiz certificates to earn an India Book of Records

0011Khaleel Baaqavee, 48, from Parangipettai in Tamilnadu, made it to the India Book of Records for completing 210 online quizzes for achieving the maximum number of online certificates in MyGov Quiz Contests by an individual. There is no previous record for maximum online quiz certificates received in MyGov Quiz Contests by an individual.

The record for achieving the maximum number of certificates in MyGov Quiz Contests was set by A.B. Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee (born on July 1, 1974) of Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu (currently residing in Kuwait). He achieved 238 certificates for participating in various quiz contests organized by the Government of India including Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0, Yoga Se Ayu Quiz, Folk Paintings of India Quiz and many others, as confirmed on July 31, 2023.

The Government of India invites all people to participate and test their knowledge. Khaleel Baaqavee, General Secretary of Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic), a NRI Tamil from Parangipettai, Cuddalore District living in Kuwait, was one among many who accept this invitation.

He is a multidisciplinary expert, recipient of various awards, teacher, translator, essayist, poet, researcher, public welfare & social services worker, critic, journalist, stage speaker, program host, media person, involved in various social, religious, educational and linguistic activities in Kuwait and Tamil Nadu, with various responsibilities in art, literature, media and social organizations. He has participated in many competitions worldwide and received many prizes, medals and certificates.

Khaleel Baaqavee told, "MyGov Quiz ("> is an innovative platform developed by Government of India to build a partnership between Citizens and Government with the help of technology for growth and development of India. The quizzes are uploaded on behalf of various Ministries / Departments.

The quiz aims to create awareness and to increase citizens' understanding on various government development and welfare programs, good governance and strengthen the collective towards inclusive development. The quiz also aims to sensitize the participants on various programs and initiatives and how to avail the benefits".  

He continued, "mass participation in the quiz series will deepen government engagement at the grassroots level. You have to give the correct answers to the questions in the specified time. Winners are awarded with participation certificates along with marks. Cash prizes are also awarded in some competitions. These competitions are conducted in English and Hindi. There are multiple choice questions. It is not time consuming when you have the basic knowledge of the subjects."

He said, "I am inquisitive by nature in search of knowledge, I have been participating in all kinds of competitions since my childhood. I don't participate in anything expecting gifts. I prefer being a participant rather than a spectator. Success and failure are not constant. The mere name of a contestant is enough to give us satisfaction. That is how I have been participating in these competitions conducted by the Government of India. A lot of information can be learned through this. There is an opportunity to understand some historical blackout information.

I wish all people to participate in such competitions irrespective of age. Our Tamil Nadu government should conduct such competitions and create an opportunity for the public to know about the history of Tamil ethnicity and the various welfare programs of the Tamil Nadu government".

All are congratulating / appreciating Khaleel Baaqavee, if you also want to congratulate / appreciate him, please contact via WhatsApp: +965 9787 2482 / via email:

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