TMA Welcome Ramadan Event 2024

TMA Welcome Ramadan Event 2024

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 03 at 4.02.07 PM 1 11zonIn the Name of The Almighty, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Tamil Nadu Muslim Association (TMA) Conducted Marhaban Ya Ramadan (Welcome Ramadan) special program on 29.02.2024 (Thursday) evening, in memories Hall, Mangaf.

The Program started with the recitation of Noble Quran by Br.Mohammed Javeed followed by a Islamic Nasheed sung by Br. Mydeen which made the program more enthusiastic.

Then before giving the keynote speech by Br. Abdul Wahab president of TMA, has put forward some 12 questions to the audience for the Introspection.

In his main speech he made an interactive session with audience by asking, How we are going to spend the upcoming Ramadan? Or it will be just like every year passing by or we are going to plan and utilize it productively?  Which triggered the audience for an exercise of self-assessment. After his speech, Questions were asked on the topic and prizes were distributed to the ones who answered correctly.

TMA activities and works are presented by Br. Zahir (Advisory member) with his slide presentation to enlighten the audience to join hands to do better work for the society.

Over 170 people, including women and children participated in this auspicious event and the food packets were distributed.

The convener of the program Br. Mydeen hosted the event in his majestic style. Various arrangements were made outside the venue such as the IFT Kuwait book stall, where the participants purchased the books.

We pray to Allah the Almighty to accept our work!

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