ASSP Kuwait chapter organied OPEN DAY OUT for its members and their families

ASSP Kuwait chapter organied OPEN DAY OUT for its members and their families

a1 1 11zonThe AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS (ASSP) Kuwait Chapter is an ISO 9001 certified NON profit making voluntary organization in Kuwait conducted 6th Away day on 8th March 2024.

ASSP Kuwait Chapter’s “Community Outreach Program” is aimed at connecting the community to our daily lives by providing volunteer help and educating them regarding Health, Safety and Environment for a better tomorrow. In the past, outreach activities like the ASSP HSE Week, Beach Clean Up Campaigns, Driving Awareness, & HSE Poster Competitions for Kids were great success with the active participation of school children, Community and companies around Kuwait.

As part of the annual plan, ASSP Kuwait Chapter’s Away Day was organized with the theme: “Back to Childhood”. To bring back to childhood memories traditional sports such as Gilli Dhanda (Hindi) (Killi Kucci in Tamil , Gilli Karra in Telugu, Gilli Stikku in Malayalam), Kite flying , Tug of War , lemon spoon race along with modern day sports Cricket and volleyball was included.

The fun day out was kicked off with the inaugural speech by ASSP Kuwait Chapter President Mr. Safdar Ali Khan, who briefed on the Away Day out Theme and activity.

About 120 plus Participants from ASSP fraternity and their family members were participated. The day was filled with sporting events, Face painting, Bubble show and Magic show for kids and Fun games.

The Away day 2024 was organized by the Outreach Committee lead by Mr. Balvant Singh, Head, Mr. Samiullah Pathan, Dy. Head and members of Outreach Committee. The arrangement was exceptionally done to match the theme of the event.

In the Closing ceremony Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Secretary, thanked the Chapter Administration & Operations Team, Advisory & Executive Committee Members. He extended special thanks to Eng. Fadhel Al Ali, Chairman ASSP Kuwait Chapter for his inspiration, encouragement and consistent support for bringing the outdoor programs for the benefit of chapter members and consequent success of the Kuwait chapter.

The day was concluded with vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Kashif Vali Syed, Treasurer of ASSP Kuwait Chapter. He specially thanked the families of members for allowing ASSP members to volunteer their service to the ASSP throughout the year. The program concluded with a Lucky Draw, gift to all Kids and take away gift to participated members by ASSP Kuwait Chapter. The Core Committee members distributed the prizes and the gifts to all the winners of the games and the winners of HSE Poster Competition 2023

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