Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait Hosts Annual Interfaith Iftar Get-Together

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait Hosts Annual Interfaith Iftar Get-Together

1.8 11zonIMA Kuwait’s Annual Interfaith Iftar Get-Together on Friday, 22nd March 2024 at Al Fintas Auditorium brought together esteemed Presidents of Prestigious Indian Associations, Dignitaries, Prominent Personalities in Kuwait & Special Guests, fostering unity and promoting compassion and togetherness.

Event featured enlightening talks by distinguished Speakers Mr Sharafuddin Soofi & Mr Sifaat Alam, who delivered insightful talks on ‘Happiness and Spirituality’ & ‘Punarjanam (Life After Death)’ respectively.

Mr Sharafuddin Soofi thru his topic explained that Faith in one God creates a strong will power to face any kinds of situations and humility to remain thankful during affluence which contributes to the happiness in human society.

Mr Sifaat Alam speaking on his topic explained that Life hereafter is a concept emphasizes by all major scriptures which need to be understood in a proper way.

IMA President Mr. Mohammed Umar Falahi, presented bouquets and mementos to honour Presidents and Dignitaries for their exceptional contributions to Humanitarian activities, Cultural promotion and Sports in Kuwait. All the presidents and dignitaries expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to exchange views, emphasizing the significance of such gatherings in fostering mutual cooperation, religious understanding, and tolerance.

Notable Attendees included:

Dr Diwakara Chaluvaiah, President - Indian Doctors Forum

Mr Jitendra Chaudhary, President - Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand Kalatmak Rangmanch (UPKAR)

Mr Potturu Partha Sarathi, President - Telugu Kala Samiti (TKS) Kuwait

Mr Ramesh Kediyoor, Founder President - Mogaveera Association Kuwait

Mr Pradhan Lushkari Ram, Founder President - Satguru Ravidaas Welfare Society

Mr Umesh Panda, President - Kuwait Odisha Association

Mr Ram Kumar Nachupally, President- ASSP Kuwait Chapter Toastmasters Club

Mr Venkata Siva Rao Kaduri, President-Life Again; Founder Member & Convener United Telugu Forum

Mr K R Aji, President - Saradhi Kuwait

Dr Susovana Nair, Ex Community Sec – Indian Doctors Forum.

Mr Abdullah Al Hudaib, Representative - Jamiah Al Islah

Mr Eamaad Al Sinan, Foreign Affairs, Jamiah Al Islah

An interactive quiz session, conducted by IMA Gen. Secretary Mr. Jafar Sadiq, engaged attendees, with ten (10) winners receiving attractive gifts. The Event commenced with a recitation of the holy Qur'an by master Hamza Nisar Ahmad, convened by Mr. Yusuf Chorgey and concluded with a vote of thanks by the Event & IMA Outreach

coordinator Mr. Mirza Tanveer Baig. A book stall offering free books and Qur'an in various languages promoted knowledge sharing and community outreach, drawing a large number of attendees.

Iftar Packets were distributed to audience during Magrib Prayer break & the Event concluded on a delightful note with a sumptuous buffet dinner.

IMA Kuwait, an Indian socio-religious organization, operates under the patronage of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Kuwait. It focuses on providing a platform for the spiritual and social enhancement of expatriates living in Kuwait through various programs and social gatherings. It looks forward to organizing more beneficial programs in the future, catering to the needs of the expatriate community, especially the Indian diaspora.

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