TEF Kuwait Conducted KODAI VIZHA on 10th May 2024 @ Al-Zumerida Hall

TEF Kuwait Conducted KODAI VIZHA on 10th May 2024 @ Al-Zumerida Hall

LIY02260Tamilnadu Engineers Forum, the One & Only ISO 9001:2015 Certified Engineering Forum registered with Embassy of India, celebrated Silver Jubilee in the year 2024. TEF Kuwait conducted  KODAI VIZHA on 10th May 2024 @ Al-Zumerida Hall.  

KODAI VIZHA is organized annually with multiple on-stage & off-stage events to bring out the inherent talents of TEFians & their families. This year 2024, TEF has conducted the off-stage events in the month of March & April-2024 and   conducted the Grand Finale with on-stage events on 10th May 2024 from 7.30 AM to 6.30 PM.

Event started with THAMIL THAAI VAAZHTHU & delicious breakfast sponsored by M/s SARAVANA BHAVAN, Kuwait.

Engr. Arumugam, Joint Sec – IT, TEF-2024 welcomed the Special Guests “Tamil Writer” Mr. MUTHALANKURURCHI KAMARASU & Dr. SUDHAKAR, HOD, MANONMANIUM University and participants to the event “KODAI VIZHA”. More than one thousand participated in the event, which took place from morning to evening without any break. Lunch was served in parallel with the program.

Chief Guest of the event, “TAMIL SEMMAL” award winner & “Tamil Writer“                                                             Mr. MUTHALANKURURCHI KAMARASU displayed a photo exhibition about the Excavations carried out @ ADHICHNALLUR & addressed the audience on  “TAMIRABARANI RIVER CIVILIZATION”. He clarified that excavations at ADHICHNALLUR have indicated as the oldest civilization lived place in India. Guest of honor Dr. SUDHAKAR, HOD, Manonmanium University, Tirunelveli addressed the audience on “Comparison of Tamilnadu & Egypt”.  Special address by the guests was well received by the participants.

Multiple competitions were conducted and the judges found it difficult to declare the winners due to exceptional performances by all the participants. More than 100 kids participated in the fancy dress followed by Dance competition, in which 17 teams participated with great performance. After the dance event, SPELL BEE was conducted with the enthusiastic participants. Instrumental Music competition and Singing competition enthralled the music lovers. As a lost event, PATTUKKU PATTU was conducted and the day-long Grand Finale of KODAI VIZHA culminated with prize distribution for all the winners.

TEF thanked its annual Sponsors:  Presenting Sponsor:  KMMC, Platinum Sponsors: Golden Palm, AGTC and Trans W,  Gold Sponsors: Hawk Energy, Almulla Exchange, Eagle Burgmann &  Silver sponsors : GTC, Gulf Spic, EDAC, Voltech  and the KODAI VIZHA Event Sponsor SRAVANA BHAVAN, Kuwait.  

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