KCC conducts its annual General Assembly

KCC conducts its annual General Assembly

7202afca 9484 4fd5 b1da 114b80f88038 11zonKCC General Assembly in association with the Public  Authority of Sport concluded on Wednesday, 22nd of May at the Radisson Blu Hotel presided by Mr. Haider Abbas Farman

KCC President Mr. Haider Farman gave a comprehensive report on KCC’s vision, objectives, targets, ongoing activities, national teams, new infrastructure, funding, and the anti corruption movement that is being carried out in close coordination with the ICC.  Mr. Farman sincerely appreciated the efforts of all the board members, partners, sponsors along with the executive management of KCC across all departments, organizing committee members and the entire coaching staff for their untiring efforts and contributions with the national players towards the development of the game of cricket in Kuwait.

KCC Board General Secretary Mr. Emad Al Jassam, Vice President Mr. Faisal Al Marzouk, Mr. Mahmoud Bastaki (Board Member), Ms Awatif Al Qallaf (Board Member), Mr. Sajid Mohammad Ashraf (Director General) & Mr. Asad Khan (Advisor to the KCC Board) also participated in the General Assembly.

Mr. Mahmoud Abdullah (former manager of the Kuwait National Men’s team) and Mr. Faisal Al Obaid (PR & Marketing Consultants of KCC) were also in attendance along with Mr. Fahad Bastaki (Kuwaiti Nationals Captain), Mr. Mohammad Habib (Government & Legal Affairs) and Mr. Ali (National & Social Media).

Senior KCC members looking after national teams, coaching, administration, operations, domestic, marketing, technical, public relations, logistics and venue management were also present comprising of Mr. Qasim Ali (National Head Coach & Development Manager) Mr. Melwyn Serrao (Head of Domestic), Mr. Saud Qamar (Public Relations & HPC) Mr. Husnain Arshad (National Women’s Team Manager), Mr. Tahir Khan (Head Coach Juniors), Mr. Jude D’Sylva (Coach Juniors Cricket), Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni (Head Coach Women’s), Mr. Ali Talib (National Juniors Team Manager), Mr. Tariq Rasool Shah (U19 Girls Head Coach), Mr. Mehboob Khan Pathan (Facilities Management), Mr. Kashif Shareef (Coach Juniors) & Mr. Nasser Imbran (Logistics Manager).

KCC is progressing at a rapid pace in all it’s key areas of development and as a fraternity, it looks forward to continue to bring all the various segments of the society and the communities residing in Kuwait together for the promotion of the game of cricket in Kuwait.

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