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ENJOY THE SEASON'S BEST......with no malice meant to anyone

ENJOY THE SEASON'S BEST......with no malice meant to anyone - 
Someone put the following spoof on a Marathi blog called "Misal pav."Here is a translation…
A reporter from the Reuters is interviewing Mr Narendra Modi: "What is your favorite fruit Mr Modi?"
Modi: "Mango."
Within a minute this exchange is carried by all news channels in India as "breaking news" with the header, "Modi does not like guavas."
Spokespersons of different political parties/NGOs are invited to give their reaction.
Jitendra Avad: Mahatma Gandhi used to like banana, which is easily available all across India and cheap; so even the poor people can afford it. It is a fruit of aam admi. Modi is basically against Mahatmaji. So it is obvious that he does not like bananas. He represents Nathuram Godse who killed Bapuji.
Manish Tiwari: Modi does not like guava because of its green color!  This shows his anti-Muslim bias!! Shame on him!!
Ajay Makan: Not surprised modi likes an expensive fruit like mango. By that choice, he is mocking the poor masses of India.
Pappu aka Amul Baby: I am not like Modi who only likes specific things or items. My food intake is all inclusive and I respect all foods like I respect all religions. I like saffron mangoes, green guavas, and white amlas. Tomorrow I am going on a visit to the poor people of UP living in poor huts where I will share and eat green and yellow skinned bananas with them.
[Pig]Vijay: Modi is a rotten mango and must therefore be immediately removed from the basket. Otherwise all mangoes in the basket will rot.   A rotten mango like modi has no place in the secular, all-inclusive basket of India.
Nitin Wagle on Lokmat-IBN Ten O'Clock News: Welcome all! A new day and a new topic for discussion today. Modi has betrayed his ugly, communal façade by declaring that he likes mangoes. By deliberately avoiding green guavas from the list of fruits he likes, Modi has clearly demonstrated his anti-Muslim, communal mentality. We have among us Mr Madhav Bhandari of the BJP, Mr Sachin Savant of the Congress, and great and original thinker Mr Markandey Katju.
A comment by Dilip Padgaonkar:
"Modi likes mangoes an Indian fruit which mean he hates
olives, the Italian fruit. This shows a narrow nationalism. These RSS
people have no international taste"


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