Non-relationship certificate to be rendered to Indian Nationals

Non-relationship certificate to be rendered to Indian Nationals

For the past few years or so the Indian Nationals have been facing difficulty in  obtaining Non-Relationship Certificate with required attestation from India which are to be submitted with Embassy’s further attestation to the Kuwait authorities for obtaining Visa for  their intended domestic worker of Indian Nationality. The Kuwait authorities accept this certificate after legal translation to Arabic and  attestation by Ministry of Justice in Kuwait. 

2.        The Embassy,apart from accepting duly attested Non-Relationship Certificate/ Affidavit brought from India, would also accept typewritten Affidavit in English language executed at the Indian Embassy both by the husband and wife who are holding valid Indian Passports for further obtaining Non-Relationship  bilingual certificate from the Embassy.  In this connection, applicants are required to use revised form 15 B of the Embassy in English only.  The applicable fee for affidavit executed by the spouses at the Embassy is KD 6.500 plus ICWF charges. 

Those who are able to bring properly attested Non-Relationship Certificate/ Affidavit from India would not be required to execute Affidavit at the Embassy.

3.        To enable the Embassy to issue a bilingual "Non-Relationship" Certificate for submission to the Government of Kuwait, a format has been devised.  The certificate would have to be typewritten and submitted by the applicant sponsoring the domestic worker from India along with (a) prescribed application-cum-undertaking and (b) affidavit in original executed earlier at the Embassy or the  Non-Relationship Certificate/Affidavit  obtained from India.  The applicable fees is KD 6.250 plus ICWF charges.

4.        The formats of the Affidavit, Bilingual Non-Relationship Certificate and the application-cum-undertaking  with instructions  are attached.  Indian Nationals are free to prepare these type written on their own.  The 'Facilitation Centre' at the Embassy would also be offering the typewriting of these  services shortly.



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