Raghavendra Matriculation School

Thuraiyur, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

-aims to become one of the foremost educational institutions by uplifting the rural students

Raghavendra Matriculation School was established in the year 1989 and is a private organisation run by Sri Raghavendra Educational & Charitable Trust. It is a rural school situated in Thuraiyur Taluk, 45 Kilometres north of Trichy. The school is currently staffed by 2 Principals, 21 teaching staff and around 20 non-teaching staff.

The schools' current philosophy is to provide learning that are skilfully challenging and appropriate to the contemporary and future needs of our children - "Skills for Life". The school is widely regarded as a one that is providing a good quality education along with discipline for all its students.

Google, Apple, IBM & many other Companies no longer require employees to have a Degree. Google had acknowledged several years ago that college degrees are slowly becoming irrelevant and what matters most are skills. 

It is widely seen in India that a person, who has done an Engineering course, is ultimately working in the core banking sector, or is into business development or even marketing. This proves, that even though you have learned a particular subject very well and have a degree to prove the same, your skill sets may be pointing in the other direction. 

The school strongly focus on bringing up student well-being and creating a positive and inclusive school culture. Positive relationships exist among students, staff, the management and parents. The management and staff render sufficient care and support for students. Positive partnership with families and the community from local vicinity are entertained.

Children are motivated to accept the raw nature of this world along with responsibility for their own learning and behaviour, descripting a vivid understanding of their development as independent learners through XSEED methodology of teaching.

The school management and teaching staff focus on lifting students achievement levels. The management and the teachers plan appropriate programmes to meet the varying abilities and needs of all students.

Language learning programmes (especially for English) are rendered to the students by a Chennai based organization who trains urban students of metropolitans like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Motivational programmes like "You can Win" is also organized for the benefit of the students. The management, the Principal and teachers are progressing stanch processes in place to support student's positive transition in school and in real life.

Student's learning and progress is regularly shared with parents / guardians in a number of formal and informal ways. Parents are provided with reports that show how well students are performing and are given with suggestion to meet up the needed standard to achieve more.

The School's curriculum is well designed and useful in promoting and supporting student's learning and engagement. XSEED curriculum help students become independent learners and develop skills to interact successfully with other. Students are provided with broad range of interesting and varied learning experiences on nature, science, sports, arts and languages within and beyond the school through weekly club activities.

The Students are given encouragement to thank everyone who helps them by writing a noted named "Gratitude Note". The school believes that this will help the students become more thankful towards everyone and everything.

Teachers are able to share their expertise and thoughts. So many external agencies assist teachers through programmes like "I can win as Teachers" provide targeted learning programmes. Good use of the teacher’s individual strength is made to improve learning outcomes for students.

The school community also provide the students with opportunities like trekking and field trips to support their development of understanding of nature and its importance. Staffs and Students enjoy a pleasant, well presented environment with a community library, lay grounds and courts which are in a well-maintained state.

Thus, with this above-mentioned amenities and methodology the school aims to become one of the foremost educational institutions by uplifting the rural students of Tamil Nadu, by inculcating moral and cultural values imparting quality education & providing skills for financial independence. We are sure to make future India more meaningful with the right skills inculcated to our students.


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Raghavendra Matriculation School