'AYAAN' - Solar Powered UAV by IIT Kanpur

'AYAAN' is 'A Long Endurance Solar Powered UAV',

Primarily for Surveillance, Civil Defence & Emergency Service Applications.

Developed by IIT Kanpur.

IFL Kuwait

'AYAAN' UAV has service ceiling range from 8 km to 10 km. It is a very Light-Weight UAV & Configurable payload from 4 Kg to 20 Kg. Its requirement is of very short Take-Off Distance less than 100m Runway. Its Cruise Speed Maximum ranges upto 100 Km/Hr. 

AYAAN-PRO & AYAAN-EDGE'S cruise speed range would be more than 100 Km/Hr. 'AYAAN' UAV's endurance ranges from 18-20 hours. AYAAN-PRO & AYAAN-EDGE’S endurance would be ranging from 18 Hours to 72 Hours.

IFL Kuwait

Live Video & Image Streaming with Control Room option is also available. 

The best feature is its Night Landing Capabilities. 'AYAAN' UAV would have additional back up of Hybrid Engine as well. There is Anti-Collision Light Systems.  'AYAAN' UAV can be operated day-night in a subtropical region. 

It also has hybrid option of power as well through battery operated engines. It’s a 100% Green Product. It has zero carbon emission.