Sulaimani Chat – All about people and untold stories behind.

Sulaimani Chat – All about people and untold stories behind.

1 Sruthi Sreejith

Sulaimani Chat is a popular chat show bringing everyday people of Kuwait to limelight. Though often, these are familiar and known persons, the chat show aims to reveals an untold story about them. An interesting chat show highlighting the hidden talents among us. It gives a platform for multifaceted personalities, people who are unable to continue their passion during their lives in the Gulf, who had great childhood hobbies, unrevealed talents, masked talents while the busy work life, great cooks Etc. In short, everyone has an opportunity. It is all about people and the told and untold story of people….

2 Vinayak

Sulaimani chat is an initiative of a group of people from various fields who gathered under one roof for a common aim. It is broadcast under the banner of Media Factory. Script and Direction is by Sunesh IV, who has directed many Dramas and has etched himself a remarkable role in the field of Media. Camera is handled by Ratheesh CV, the master brain behind Ammas Photo Factory and Subin Jagdish an Engineer and car racer with camera as a hobby. It is hosted by Jisha Subin, a popular Anchor who works in the field of petroleum.

3 Shemej

9 Talents have been brought to light through this chat series with many more to come from various fields with various talents. Links with those stories as follows.

  1. Sruthi Sreejith: A talented singer born in a musical family with a Masters Degree in Biotechnology who had to turn her passion in music as her career during her Gulf life. She is a matured Carnatic singer with exceptional voice modulation. Learn more at:
  1. Vinayak Varma – A young talent who has already won many hearts with his versatile singing and a popular face in Kuwait stages. He finds a place in cooking a variety of western items apart from his skills in music. Watch this talent at this link:
  1. Shemej Kumar – A multi-talented engineer with exceptional Theatre skills. He has directed many Dramas and there are a number of Shorts films also under his credit. Also a winner of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award for the Best Director. Know more about this talented personlaity from this link: 
  1. Razak Madayi – A singer who made a special place among music lovers of Kuwait with his melodious voice, especially with his Hindi songs. Gulf life made him a cook as well. More about him at: 
  1. Afsal Ali – An inspirational and motivational speaker who changed many lives positively. Also, a Theatre artist who made his entry to Feature Film as Hero and made a commendable role. Know more about this Multi-Talented Engineer at:
  1. Shaiju Pallipuram – A Nurse by profession but an artist by passion. Though he started his journey in art in Kuwait with Chenda, he is a part of singing band, an anchor and a painter. Know more at: 
  1. Sindhu Ajith Kumar – A licensed aesthetician who successfully runs two organizations in the field. Parallelly learning classical dance and done arangetram in Bharatantyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchippudi and now a Veena Student as well. Know more about this successful woman;
  1. Elsa Kora – A passionate artist who gave up the profession of Nurse to pursue her artistic skills and now running a cake boutique successfully. Her cakes are not only tasty but also beautiful. She has a number of skills such as jwellery making, painting, singing and dancing. Learn more about this multi-talented artist: 
  1. Jayan V Narayanan – A makeup artist who has done make over for many dancers and models. He is a choreographer and a dance costume designer as well. He has a special place among the dancers of Kuwait. Know more about him at:

4 Razak

More talents to be showcased in coming episodes. Apart from these, professional beauty tips are being uploaded on a weekly basis and a social awareness video on Corona Virus was released considering public interest. Stay tuned to Media Factory’s YouTube channel for updates.

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