vineet1We all are associated with the cyber world in one or the other way. We all need Internet irrespective of our professions. In this covid time, when there was partial lockdowns or curfews in Kuwait, Internet was the true friend for all of us. Now we cannot imagine our life without Internet. When we get up in the morning first thing, we do is to check mails, WhatsApp messages and other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We follow certain etiquettes during our social interactions. But do you know that we have to exhibit proper manners and etiquettes when we are online? Today I am going to discuss about them.

The first thing we should be ethical while surfing on the Internet. We should not use the copyright material without the permission of the owner. As per digital ethics we need to be careful while streaming audio or video or downloading an image from the Internet. It is always good to share the information with various digital users but before that we should make sure that we have sufficient knowledge about the topic and it should not be ambiguous or hurt the sentiments or emotions of any one in the society.

As a good digital user, we should respect the privacy and freedom of other users and should not share the images, information, files with another digital user without each other’s consent. In a group or public forum, we should respect the diversity of the people in terms of knowledge, experience, culture, and other aspects. Avoid cyber bullying, insulting others and degrading online behaviour. Avoid posting of rumours, online threats, sexual harassment, or comments to degrade any individual. Do not feed the trolls and ignore them.

 For digital communication we should not waste time on answering unwanted emails and not expect immediate response from recipients as there will be many other priorities for them. Avoid sending big attachments or pictures, send compressed files or links. Be polite and humble in your communication

For both synchronous and asynchronous communication, we should be cautious while making a comment, replying or writing an email or forum post as such acts decide our credibility over a period of time. That is how we decide to follow some person’s forum posts while ignoring posts of other members of the forum.

Social media are websites or applications that enable their users to participate in social networking by creating and sharing content with others in the community. In social media too, there are certain etiquettes we need to


  • The social network user should choose password wisely. Never share personal credentials like username and password with others. One should frequently change the password and use strong passwords only
  • Social networks usually encourage connecting with users (making friends), sometime even those whom we don’t know or have not met. However, we need to be careful while befriending unknown people as their intentions possibly could be malicious and unsafe.
  • Beware of fake information. Fake news, messages and posts are common in social networks. As a user, we should be aware of them. With experience, we should be able to figure out whether a news, message or post is genuine or fake.
  • We can upload almost anything on social network. However, remember that once uploaded, it is always there in the remote server even if we delete the files. Hence we need to be cautious while uploading or sending sensitive or confidential files which have a bearing on our privacy.

Thus the Internet etiquettes are also equally important as social etiquettes.

One must follow them so that internet surfing is memorable and enjoyable.

We must be a responsible digital user along with responsible resident of Kuwait.





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