The Importance of Authenticity in a Hypocritical World

The Importance of Authenticity in a Hypocritical World

-by Ravi Varrier

(CEO )Al Rashed


Today, on October 25th, I found myself in bed for most of the day, seeking solace and relaxation in the confines of my own home. It was a day filled with bouts of disturbing nightmares, making it difficult for me to return to peaceful slumber. During these moments of introspection, my mind wandered, reflecting on the dichotomy of human behavior - the good and the nasty, the genuine and the false.

Ravi varrier 1Professional Struggles:

As the CEO of a company, my job comes with a great deal of responsibility, accountability, and years of experience to back it up. However, the lack of energy and enthusiasm within me has hampered my ability to perform at the level I desire.

 Additionally, even though my team excels in their tasks, compromise seems to be a constant companion. Over the course of my 35-year tenure in this role, I have not found myself competing against fellow colleagues or companies. Instead, I have focused on positioning our company as one that thrives on both quantity and quality.

Personal Challenges:

Admittedly, in my personal life, I feel like a mere blip on the radar, devoid of any notable accomplishments. Those around me seem to take advantage of my kindness and generosity, using me as a means to further their own ends. This unfortunate reality prevents me from fully enjoying life, as I am often viewed as a liability or a toxic presence. The feeling of being an orphan, not merely by birth but also symbolically, overwhelms me.

The Illusion of Technology:

In our technologically advanced world, it is easy to believe that progress automatically equates to the advancement of humanity. However, despite the countless scientific and technological breakthroughs we have achieved, our ability to identify genuine, compassionate individuals with golden hearts remains elusive.

People tend to use one another for their own purposes, only to discard them like waste once their needs are fulfilled. This unending cycle of manipulation and coldness perpetuates the illusion that most people are great actors, both in their professional and personal lives.

The False Facade:

In times of sickness or adversity, it becomes glaringly apparent how insincere people often are. Morning and evening messages wishing others well are often nothing more than empty gestures. They serve to maintain a social image and do not carry any true meaning or connection. Even the concept of deities has become commercialized, reducing them to mere products for consumption.

A Call for Authenticity:

In a world dominated by hypocrisy, it is crucial to aspire to authenticity. People must shed their false facades and embrace their true selves. Genuine connections, empathy, and honesty should replace the superficiality that pervades our society. Instead of perpetuating the cycle of manipulation and deceit, we must strive for sincere relationships and interactions that contribute to our personal growth and the well-being of those around us.


Today, as I spent much of my time in bed, I reflected on the prevalence of hypocrisy in our world. It is disheartening to witness the lack of authenticity that exists, both in professional and personal contexts. However, I remain optimistic that individuals can break free from these patterns and choose to be real rather than hypocritical. By promoting sincerity and genuine human interactions, we can foster a world that values authenticity above all else.


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