Native influence on state names in America

Native influence on state names in America

Half of all U.S. states, 25 of them, carry Native American names. Let us explore a few presented in alphabetical order - source FB post by Native American Pride

1. Alabama: Named after the Alabama, or Alibamu tribe, a Muskogean-speaking tribe. Sources are split between 'clearers of the thicket' or 'herb gatherers'.

2. Alaska: Named after the Aleut word "alaxsxaq", which means "the mainland"

3. Arizona: Named after the O'odham word "alĭ ṣonak", meaning "small spring"

4. Connecticut: Named after the Mohican word "quonehtacut", meaning "place of long tidal river"

5. Hawaii: Is an original word in the Hawaiian language meaning "homeland"

6. Illinois: Named after the Illinois word "illiniwek", meaning "men"

7. Iowa: Named after the Ioway tribe, whose name means "gray snow"

8. Kansas: Named after the Kansa tribe, whose name means "south wind people"

9. Kentucky: Origins are unclear. Possibly named after the Iroquoian word "Kentake", meaning "on the meadow"

10. Massachusetts: Named after the Algonquin word "Massadchu-es-et," meaning "great-hill-small-place,”

11. Michigan: From the Chippewa word "Michigama", meaning "large lake"

12. Minnesota: Named after the Dakota Indian word “Minisota” meaning “white water.”

13. Mississippi: Named after the river named by the Choctaw, meaning “Great water” or “Father of Waters.”

14. Missouri: Named after the Missouri tribe whose name means "those who have dugout canoes

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