Massage is good for child

Massage is good for child

Soundarya Baskaran

Teacher, BCurious School, Shuhada, Kuwait

Photo SoundaryaChildren (aged < 5 years) well-being is a major public health apprehension around the world. Some medical conditions will greatly weaken child development if not treated appropriately. To induce immune system of child complementary and alternative modalities, such as skin-to-skin contact and mind-body therapies are often necessary. Parents are likely to use such alternatives for strengthening the immune system, physical stabilization and maintaining the health of their children. Among these modalities massage therapy is one of the most commonly used for pediatric population.

Massage involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body for improving health conditions. Massage for infants and children requires unique approaches. Massage therapy is popular in the treatment of particular health conditions in children. The receptors in the skin detect a range of stimuli, such as light touch or pressure, and transmit the signals from the periphery to synapses in the central nervous system. The brain integrates these signals into effective actions through the regulation of the neuroendocrine-immune network. Children massage has potential effects on many conditions, such as anxiety, pain, sleep disturbance, gastrointestinal functioning, learning, immune functioning, cognitive problem and emotional disorders.

Therefore, parents should give massage to their children to improve their physique immune system and learning. Daily massage is essential for babies. It strengthens the skin and bones of children. It also helps in weight gain, love to parents, learning and grow their physique.

First put your hands on the baby's head and apply some oil and start massaging it slowly. Finger pressure should be gentle. Because the bones and joints of children are not strong enough. The ear and nose lobes should be brushed gently. Then both the hands should be placed on the chest area and sweep as softly. While massaging the abdominal area, place hands on the abdomen and gently press it as if the hands of a clock were rotating. Also hold the baby's knee and feet and gently squeeze them towards the stomach. Then sweep from the thighs to the soles of the feet. Also apply gentle pressure from shoulder to palm. The child's wrist should be gently massaged in all directions. Gently squeeze all toes of the baby's feet with your thumb and forefinger. At the end, keep the baby lying on his back and gently stroke the baby's spine from top to bottom with the fingertips.

Nowadays, ADHD affected children has been increased considerably in the world. The massage therapy for children can be extremely beneficial to prevent the ADHD and anxiety. Also helps to interact their parents with full of love, boost blood flow which enhances skin health and muscle tone. Accordingly, the education of children will improve, knowledge grows and physique develops. Thus, massage is good for child.

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