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Affordable solution for chronic diseases by Hybrid medical care


You have heard of a hybrid car. It combines the time tested internal combustion engine with the clean energy of the electric motor, reducing the running cost and the pollution.


Singapore is a pioneer in Hybrid healthcare system, reducing health care expenses.

Here is a plan for hybrid medical care for India. It combines the professionalism of the traditional consultation in the doctor’s chamber with the convenience of Telemedicine.  This hybrid system improves the quality of care by continuous interaction between the doctor and the patient with no holidays. 


Health and treatment records are available in the electronic form, password protected, readily accessible from anywhere in the world and maintainable by the patient. It eliminates the delay in getting an appointment with the doctor, the need to take leave from work, the travel to the clinic, the waiting at the reception and the expenses involved. 


The patient can take a second opinion from another doctor easily by sharing the personal heath record.

This facility is currently available in Kuwait and your suggestions are requested to extend it to India. Please click on the link https://goo.gl/forms/wqgao9cJ2VP97g173 and record them. 


All who respond within 24 hours  will get a complimentary registration in this hybrid care.





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