Peeyush Jain

Peeyush Jain

Simple, Skilful, Energetic, Enthusiastic

                                                                                                           -NCM & Rumesh Babu

Success is dependent on Effort. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

peeyuso says Mr. Peeyush Jain, COO of Refrigeration & Oxygen Company Limited.

This Simple, Skilful, Energetic, Enthusiastic, COO, owes the success of his organisation to his fellow co-workers. The secret to success is good Leadership and good Leadership is all about making the lives of your team members better. In societies where mature workers and their wisdom are respected, everybody benefits. Workers are more engaged, productive and live a healthy and holistic life. This is the ROC growth mantra.   

Born in Meerut and later settled in Delhi, Peeyush Jain, as a young boy, moved to Kuwait along with his father to join 10th grade in The Indian School in 1981. His father Mr. S. K. Jain, a 1963 Engineering Graduate from Roorkie, started his career in Engineers India Limited and later joined KNPC in 1981.

Peeyush Jain, a Masters degree holder from IIT-Mumbai also secured MBA degree with honours. He started his working life with a gold medal for excellent performance as a shift Process Engineer in Transfec Chemicals in Baroda.  

In 1990 Peeyush Jain moved to Kuwait. Unexpected Gulf war at that time caused him a huge loss. ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ Keeping this in mind, Mr. Jain came back to Kuwait again in 1993.  He says ‘Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards’. He joined Al Khaleejia Modern, General Trading & Contracting Company and served for 6 years.

Later in 1999 he joined ROC as a Sales Manager. No friendly hands constructed and placed for his ambition, a ladder upon which he might climb. His own skilful and hard working hands framed and nailed the cleats upon which he climbed facing many challenges and risks to reach the height of fame.  He rose to the leading position of COO of ROC.

His leadership quality, communication skills, positive attitude in approach, ambitious, good analytical knowledge, continuous learning and self- development has helped him pursue great heights.

In this 21st century, changes are happening every hour, that has to be updated, adopted and executed in work” says Peeyush Jain, a down to earth person, who’s office doors are equally open to workers as well as to Managers.

peeyuA man’s best fortune is his wife.’ Being a wife can be a challenge and one of the biggest role a woman can take. This is successfully fulfilled by his better half, Mrs. Kamal Jain. Holding a Masters degree in Genetics and Psychology, she is more into social service and charitable activities through IWA and Art Of Living. She supports her husband in all his achievements by taking care of the family as Peeyush Jain is always busy in his official tours.

This couple are blessed with two sons. Eldest, Pranshu Jain completed his Engineering in Electrical & Communication from BITS, Pilani and joined his father in ROC Limited. Younger, Shobhit Jain is studying in 9th grade in British School, Kuwait.

Peeyush Jain dreams of making ROC one of the best company in MENA region. We wish him success in all his future endeavours.  

Refrigeration & Oxygen Company Limited, Kuwait, established in 1960, manufactures an extensive range of gases i.e. oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures, dry Ice, specialty and Lab. Grade gases.