Mitesh Khatri

Mitesh Khatri
Leadership Trainer, Author, Mentor & Friend
‘Motivation is to see people and organizations transform and to see them achieve the impossible‘    
                                                                                               - by Nasrin Ejner    
It’s fascinating to hear stories of people who started small and made it big in life. Stories like these give us hope that anyone can be successful no matter what our conditions. Mitesh shared with me his success journey, by end of our meeting getting my signed copy of his book has awaken the leader in me.
Here is a an inspiring story of Mitesh Khatri from India Pune. He was brought up in a humble middle class family and had started his career as a Direct Sales Agent, selling home appliances door-to-door. He says those were the best learning experiences of his life. From a time where he was struggling to make ends meet, today he is one of the most famous and successful personalities from India. Why? What has he achieved?
Today Mitesh Khatri is one of the world’s top most authority and trusted:
1. International Leadership Trainer – When world’s top organizations like The Royal Bank of Scotland + Siemens + Oracle + L’Oreal + ICICI Bank + MIT Institute + Zee Learn + Abbott Pharmaceuticals + Ranbaxy + Tata Capital + Reliance +Bajaj Allianz + Nissan + Cox & Kings + Hyundai + many moreneed to inspire leadership in their top management team and achieve market leadership they call upon Mitesh Khatri.
2. Transformation Coach– Mitesh is well known for creating transformation (long lasting change) in people in as little as 2 hours by using radical experiential methods like Firewalk, Glasswalk, Bar Bending&Neuro Linguistic Programming methods. He has helped teams resolve conflicts, achieve excellence, believe in the impossible, work together as a team and create extraordinary results which they never thought were possible. People who were suffering with behavior disorders, fears, phobias and addictions like alcohol, smoking, drugs for years were able to transform themselves in a matter of just hours with Mitesh’s transformational Coaching. Top management executives from global organizations call Mitesh for executive coaching so they can take advantage of his transformation coaching.
3. Best Selling Author – Along with his wife Indu Khatri he has co-authored a best selling leadership book titled as “Awaken The Leader In You”. Read and appreciated by thousands of people his book is known as one of the “MUST Reads” in the self-help and leadership category.
Here are some questions that we asked Mitesh to get a personal view of his personal philosophy in life:
How do you prove Value for your time to your clients?We don’t believe in Value for time, we only believe in Value for Services. If our clients are happy with our services only then we get paid or else we don’t accept neither expect any training fees.
Any important quotes you would like to share or express….Here are some of the quotes, which have had the greatest impact in my life so I would love to share them here:
·         Dare to Do what the Extraordinary do, Stop doing what the Ordinary do
·         Keep your Word so your Word becomes the Law
·         Happiness & Success both are important learn to live both in Balance
·         Destiny makes Decisions for the Weak Ones; the Strong Ones get to make their own Destiny.
Finally, as a Motivational Master, what is your personal Motivation Mantra…My biggest motivation is to see people and organizations transform and to see them achieve the impossible. Mitesh adds, “Great business is important, however a great family life is what counts for me at the end of the day”.