S.K. Wadhawan

S.K. Wadhawan

A humble, Tolerant Business Magnate  

-by Surya

Mr.S.K.Wadhawan is the Chairman of Samara Group of companies both in India and in Kuwait. He was born in Guliana (Punjali- now in Pakistan)  in the year 1938. A man who has established a business empire in Kuwait has his roots rooted in India and wants to see India that goes on to become the economic super power in the world.

Mr. S.K.Wadhawan, is a well know Indian entrepreneur in Kuwait and one of the top 100 powerful Indians in the Middle East (as per Arabian Business Magazine Survey). He is a  man always smiling and enriching  his  life with human values and his love for India.  

His family moved to Delhi during the period of partition and hence his family made a humble beginning. The family is  not  a business family. But Mr. Wahdawan a self-made man, started a business with an ambition to own a business right from a young age. \he came to Kuwait in late fifties as a fresher.

As a humble beginning, he started out as a salesman in a Spare Parts firm. He learnt the intricacies of the business dealing with auto spare parts. After gaining extensive knowledge and lot of exposure in the auto industry, he plunged to take a big leap of faith and started his own business. A meager start-up capital and a shop in the year 1964 led to the establishment of Samara Auto Supplies Ltd. Today, SAMARA has grown into a multifold group and is one of the largest parts distributors in Kuwait and the Gulf.

An impeccable reputation and prudent business sense has earned SAMARA a name synonymous with trust and quality.   One of the reasons behind Mr. Wadhawan continued success is the combined efforts exerted by the close-knit family which include his wife Mrs. Veena, a homemaker, two sons as well as a daughter Poonam. Young and restless both Avnish and Rajnish serve as right and left arms of Mr. Wadhawan. Avnish is a technocrat from Georgia Tech, U.S.A. helps his father in managing overseas businesses and Rajnish the younger one a graduate from Delhi University manage Indian operations.

Under leadership of his younger son Rajnish Wadhawan, Samara Hyundai has grown multifold both in size and volume. Since its inception in 1998, Samara Hyundai has been No. 1 dealer for Hyundai cars throughout India. Poonam the eldest of all three children also a graduate from Delhi University, too looks after business in India.His wife Veena gives him full-fledged support and participation in full-filling some social obligations.

They are a much contended couple and never forget to thank Almighty God for blessing them with such a position that they can do something for good and noble causes. He is the President of an organization called Arsha Vidya Bharti whose founder is Swami Dayananda Sarswati. This organization helps to provide education to under privileged children in remote Indian villages and is also spreading Indian cultural values through the teachings of Vedanta. He is also the current Chairman of IBC which was established about ten years back under the patronage of The Ambassador of India.  

In his own words on Indian community living in Kuwait he says with much happiness, “I feel proud to belong to this large community. We are the most respected and law abiding expat community in Kuwait.” His advice to especially younger generation is to have a focused approach and commitment in whatever it is that they wish to achieve. It is true that nothing can be achieved without the support of some higher power but more important is to have confidence and believe in yourself. With such mind set and rock solid determination one can make his own destiny.