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Lalitha Vasudevan – Dancing Fingers

A talented, passionate artist who loves to be creative, develop original ideas


IFLLalitha Vasudevan is a talented, passionate and hardworking artist who loves to be creative, develop original ideas and use art as an expressive language. She has loved art since childhood and has worked with a variety of mediums and materials such as wood, stone, glass, clay, metal etc. Born to Sri.Ramamoorthi and Smt.Yamuna, she hails from Thanjavur and pursued her education in Madras.

Although Lalitha has had the opportunity to work with various forms of art, including terracotta jewellery, switchboard art, aesthetics made of polymer clay and so on, she feels an intimate connection with the art of Tanjore painting and has been practicing Tanjore painting for the past 17 years.

Dating back to 1600 AD, Tanjore painting is a traditional art form which originated in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Tanjore paintings are panel paintings done on wooden planks and are hence referred to as palagai padam. The highlights of these paintings are the 24-carat gold and colorful precious and semi-precious stones.
Its shimmer and glitter show the rich cultural heritage of India. Gods and Goddesses are the primary theme of this art as they were adorned with a lot of gold jewellery and clothes at that time.IFL Kuwait

With the growing influence of newer modern art forms, the number of artists practising Tanjore painting is slowly declining. In order to revive our traditional and cultural art forms, various revival programs, exhibitions, workshops and training camps are being held regularly by many institutions such as State Governments of India.

Lalitha Vasudevan takes pride in imparting the knowledge of Tanjore painting by teaching the art through classes. Her aim is to reach a good number of people in Kuwait through her interest and hardwork in promoting this art.

This traditional art continues to hold its mastery even today. This art form has flourished well and prominently represents our traditions and culture in the world. Its style and elegance continue to inspire many contemporary artists around the world.
In addition to teaching Tanjore painting, she also has a Facebook page called “Dancing Fingers”. Tanjore painting, terracotta jewellery, aesthetics made of polymer clay, mixed media and switchboard art are a few forms of art displayed on this page. “Dancing Fingers” was started as a platform to display my creativity”, she says.

It was initiated on 14th October, 2017 by Lalitha Vasudevan. Tanjore painting is the most prominent art form displayed by Dancing Fingers.

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