Kavita Sarvesh

"A Nurturer by choice and Psychologist by profession"

Kavi 0Kavita Sarvesh is a live example of a versatile personality whose contribution to the society is multifaceted. Being a mother of two grown up daughters, nurturing comes naturally to her. While belonging to a humble background, she has always understood the value of human emotions. And that makes her the person she is.

Oprah Winfrey a famous entertainer, once said- “You become what you believe, not what you think or you want”. Kavita Sarvesh is a believer, who knows the art of converting the odds in her favour. Despite of transfers to several locations because of her husband’s nature of work, her degrees in Business Management and Masters in Psychology provided her skills to create a niche for herself wherever she went. She taught in a number of MBA Colleges in India for 14 years. And then she trained herself as a Behavioral Trainer and Coach from the prestigious institution of India- Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD). A number of corporate houses and colleges like Future group (Big Bazaar), DS Group, Tolani College (Gujarat), Army Institute of Management Kolkata, benefitted from her expertise. Her husband’s tenure in Kuwait gave her an opportunity to explore herself amongst multinational cosmopolitan population.

Kavi2Apart from academics, Kavita Sarvesh has been a multitalented woman. She lent her voice to AIR FM Radio in Kolkata for several years. The radio fetched her a lot of fan-following as she could narrate and sing to her listeners at the same time.

Having stayed in Kuwait for more than six years now, she has first-hand experience of being a homemaker expat. But that could not limit her spirits. She continues to shine in her own frame. As a member of South Kuwait Toast Masters Club, she promotes good English while at the same time she masters and polishes her mother tongue- Hindi, by attending Mushairas and reciting her own compositions. She also has a YouTube channel in her name called “BHAAP”. In her own words, “aao khol de un girahon ko”(lets open all the knots..), she emphasizes on the power of communication and touching others through words.

Kavi5However, the most attractive and fulfilling role that she is performing at present is that of being a psychologist. Surprisingly, she prefers to call herself as a “Nurturer”- someone who takes care of others. To her clients, she has always recommended “to explore and rediscover oneself” because each one of us is a treasure of positivity and we just need to excavate it a bit.

Her tiny home venture- “Nature & Nurture” which specializes in Psychological Counseling, Creating Terrariums & Fairy Gardens and Designing Fairy Garden Furniture had recently conducted a unique workshop. This workshop was one of its own kinds in Kuwait as it was for the 1st time that the participants were offered a hands-on-experience of creating their own terrariums right from the scratch. The most charming part of the workshop was when she inspired the participants to believe in themselves and allow themselves to bloom their talents. Truly, it was again proved- “We become what we believe...”


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