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Rajpal Tyagi

very famous and Professional Architect in Kuwair recently conferred Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award by GoI

- Vijaya Nair

RT0Mr. Rajpal Tyagi rightfully earned prestigious award “Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award” (the highest honour conferred on overseas Indians by the Government of India)presented by Honarable President of India Ram Nath Kovind on 23rd January 2019 at Varanasi,U.P India.

Rajpal Tyagi is a very famous and Professional Architect with an experience spanning over four (4) decades of work in Kuwait aside from other Middle East countries and India. He holds a degree from the famous Indian institution of “IIT Roorkee” and is the only non-Kuwaiti architect having his own business practice in Kuwait.

He established International Interiors in New Delhi, India in 1990, as a “Turnkey Interior Projects Company” specializing in interior design & construction. He brought this same branded concept from India to Kuwait, where it has flourished todate and is one of the leading contracting company in Kuwait. During his career since 1992 until now he has designed & constructed various prestigious projects for iconic buildings such as Kuwait Towers, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Schlumberger Headquarters, French and German Embassies in Al Hamra Luxury Tower and an Indian Chain of themed Restaurants named Mughal Mahal and has received many awards and citations as an Outstanding Creative Designer and Architect.                     

RT1He was given the Government of Kuwait Award for the design and execution of the prestigious Kuwait Towers which is a landmark in the country. His company now is involved in many fields such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Office Refurbishment
  • Fashion/Retail
  • High-end Brands of Jewellery & Watches
  • Health & Spa
  • Banks & Investment Institutions
  • Restaurants

Mr. Rajpal Tyagi did not limit his capabilities to his own business only, but he also extended his passion towards various community services as well. He heads the spiritual and religious organization “SATKAAR” in Kuwait and under this umbrella Mr. Tyagi initiated the teaching and training of the “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta” to Indian children in Kuwait. He started the world-famous philosophy of “GEETA” to a small group of 12-15 children in 1980 and has continued expanding in teaching and training this philosophy until today. Every year, 500-600 children are inculcated with this training and he feels very proud that today almost 15,000-16,000 children have been helped. He still enjoys this passion of teaching Geeta’s philosophy to young children.

RT4Mr. Tyagi is the Founder and Honorary General Secretary of the Indian Business Council Kuwait  which promotes the idea of executing businesses between the two countries, i.e. Kuwait & India. Likewise, he has contributed in enhancing the activities of the Indian Community School in Kuwait (ICSK), through his professional skills and devotion. He served as an Honorary Board Member in this institution from 1999 until 2014.

Today, the Avenues mall is a significant architectural structure in Kuwait.” Tyagi always had a passion for interior design and construction and took the leap to start his own business in the 1990s. Since then his projects have included over 200 bank branches, over 350 restaurants, more than a 100 offices, and similar numbers in retail outlets. He lists the offices of HSBC Bank, Schlumberger, Emirates, and The French and German Embassies, as some of his signature projects, along with Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels in luxury stores. But most remarkable of it all is the role he played in the interior design of the most iconic building of the country, the Kuwait Towers.

RT5Right through his younger days, he had excelled in sports and games as a player and administrator. He played and avidly follows cricket with the enthusiasm of a youngster. He had been the founder member of the Indian Veterans Cricket Club (IVCC) which is among the better teams in the cricket circuit in Kuwait and always lends support and patronage to the game. He is also an excellent badminton player. He started the encouragement of sports amongst the senior members of the Indian community.


In all the years that he has been in Kuwait actively participating in and leading various commendable activities not only professionally but also in his own personal capacity, he is considered as one of the pillars in the Indian community.

He attributes all his achievements to Almighty the God, his Wife and his family, without their wholehearted support, it would have not been possible.

He has two daughters and one daughter has completed her Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Delhi and has an MBA from the London Business School. She is currently working in Singapore.

The other daughter has studied in the US for her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Computer Science and works as a independent consultant in New York.” He also acknowledges the support and sacrifice of his wife. They have sacrificed and supported me, they are my backbone and my inspiration, and without their support I could not have achieved whatever I have achieved in Kuwait, however big or small.”


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