Tanusmita Das Chakroborty

Tanusmita Das Chakroborty

‘The empowered woman is powerful beyond Measure and beautiful beyond description’

Falguni Roy 


The words quoted from Steve Maraboli excellently bring about before me the picture of a lady, Tanusmita Das Chakroborty is one of those women whose achievements are seems to believe in conquering the hardships and several other thorns on the way to women empowerment.

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Her life is a wondrous inspiration to the people irrespective of men and women from any class or creed.

Tanusmita an artist, a choreographer, a teacher, & above all an amazing mother of a beautiful child Leona, the biggest dream of her life that could ever happened to her.

Presently she is working in New Indian Central School as a CCA coordinator-come Performing Art teacher.

Tanusmita was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal. She belongs to a middle class family and after marriage; she has been shifted to Kuwait with her biggest support of life, her husband Prosenjit Chakroborty. During her school days, she has started learning Bharatanatyam, as she found her passion in dance in her tender age.

After completing final year of Bharatanatyam, she has been trained in Odissias well. Alongside classical from of dance she loves to do experiment with other different from of dance, such as western classical, contemporary art &it’s very obvious to say she has done significant performances with each & every form. In that ten-years pan, she has performed and has choreographed many dance programs conducted by various renowned organizer and community. Moreover, every time she has proved her uniqueness, her magic, her charisma through her work, her dedication & her vibrant stunning look.

IFL KuwaitBack to India,she has worked with many reputed banners and renowned stars in regional movies in Bengal (Tollywood), wherein she was successful both on screen and off screen during her early age of career. She has choreographed and performed in several shows in India and abroad & shared the stage with famous Bollywood&Tollywoodstars. She has achieved a certificate of appreciation from Ambassador of India for participating in Cultural Season of KuwaitNational Commission of UNESCO – 15 in the year of 2015, 28 April.

Apart from her dance world, she is also completed her diploma in 3D animation. She is a major fighter who is just unstoppable in any circumstances. As the entire career path, she has walked a long way & face many ups & downs but refused to give up and struggled hard to chase her dreams all over again.

She is an inspiration for every woman who knows her well or from distance. She believes in hard work & honesty & that is the reason she is well known & loved among a huge group of people, friends and acquaintances.

She is also running a WhatsApp group, which includes more than five hundred women in it. The group has been providing various kind of information’s, idea’s, business (online) proposals, daily – life needs etc. It is the largest women group in Kuwait, which is going strong since 2015.

Being a wonder woman she is managing her home, her one-year-old little baby, her school and other various activates, class related to Performing Art with great efficiency and dedication.

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