Ananthi Natarajan


 A successful  woman  entrepreneur intrinsically , fearless,  self motivated & goal oriented.  

THUMPNAIL ANANTHI 1Always  inspired  by  many success stories around her , Ananthi Natarajan  , developed  a desire in herself   to become  an entrepreneur  and   then  gathered  a  business acumen  along with it.

Post-Graduated in  Economics  (M.A) from  the famous  Pachaiappa’s college  Chennai,   Ananthi  , by nature , believes in the saying “ Success is determined by many factors , some of them are intrinsic , while others are 1external ”. She is intrinsically , fearless,  self motivated and goal oriented,  which  obviously  have the multiplier effect  on external  factors towards  road to success.

Her leadership qualities  coupled  with  abundant  inter –personal  relationship  capping it , always  deserved her a distinctive  place for her  in society .  Her call  for  humanity  to help poor and down –trodden  around  Spic Nagar  , where she stayed for about 12 years, took  her to  positions like President  and then   Chair person for  Lioness clubs in the whole district  . Keeping the balance  between  charity and  socio cultural  activities , she held the position  of Spic Nagar Ladies club secretary  too.

2Moving to Chennai , she laid her eye on business ventures and established a Departmental Store “Magna”, on  a modern format  challenging  many small time super markets in the area.

Food is another interesting subject for her , which , made  her to take over the running of a canteen attached to  her brother’s  Specialty Hospital in Chennai , 3serving   people   including  in- patients .

Landing in  Kuwait  in 1994 , she  got associated with  all cultural organizations  and  , she headed  Kuwait Tamil Sangam  for 3 years as President and provided the best cultural engagement to Tamil community.

4Leaping with a big jump on food front , she forayed into  putting up Hotel Saravana Bhavan (HSB) in 2012  , a long-awaited  boon for ,especially ,  south Indians in Kuwait

Recognizing  her business acumen , she was conferred with  a Doctorate in Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurshipby World Tamil University , USA in 2017 .

To continue the success story , she opened  its  second branch in Lulu  Hyper market in Dajeej in 2015 . as part of Food Court there .

It is always said that , a sustainable success is only most desirable in any business and on that count , Ananthi  is started  third branch of HSB  a full scale in Salmiya .

Happily  married  to Mr.A.N.Natarajan , who always stands by her   and backs up many Tamil Associations in Kuwait  , she has a daughter  Aarthi Siddharth  , who ,too,following  her mother’s toes , is  an entrepreneur  on  a different scale . She is engaged  in e-commerce  ventures and running her on-line shopping portal  sareesouq. Com for sarees and dress materials .

.Aarthi so far  held three saree exhibitions in Kuwait   under her Saree souq .com banner   in Kuwait  which were  all a run-away  success. She also contributes a lot thro’ her innovative ways in Social Media Marketing (SMM) for HSB. 

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