Dr. Shantha Maria James


Dr. Shantha Maria James

- A Charisma in Woman Empowerment

 -by  Boby Joseph

IFL KuwaitAs a Principal, Social Worker, Chairman of a School, President Awardee, former Chairperson of CBSE Schools in the Gulf, Dr. Shantha Maria James, is a prolific personality who evinced that willpower, determination and dreams can make a woman “A woman of Puissance”.
According to her, “Life is n’t about finding yourself. It is all about creating yourself. ” She says that her journey through life has been full of great roller coaster adventures, where she enjoyed the challenges and gathered strength from her struggles and mistakes. 
She emphasizes that a strong women never forgets the lessons she learnt. Her career begun as a humble kindergarten teacher in India and reached its pinnacle by winning the National Award from the President of India, H. E. Pranab Mukerjee in the field of Education in 2013.
You could open up to her about anything, you will return feeling energized and filled with happiness. That is the flow of strong positive vibration you can experience.IFL Kuwait
Shantha Maria , the Principal of Indian Central School, Kuwait, is an ideal illustration of woman empowerment and an icon for the women who aspire to be in the forefront.
Breaking the mold of limitations she has risen to the height and shown the world that woman is “Shakthi” if they have the certitude to come up with esteem and exertion. Education is the key that she took support on her stride in life with die-hard fortitude and valor.
IFL KuwaitHer career began as a teacher in India and her zest for knowledge resulted in mustering Masters and M.Phil in English and Ph.D.in Educational Leadership. In sculpting her as a teacher, she has undergone training in India, U.K., USA, Finland and Australia.
The career graph of Dr. Shantha Maria James is one of constant growth that begins from Montessori teacher, developed to Principal and reached to the Chairmanship of an International School in India.
Her hands are outreaching to the Samaritan activities in different fields ranging perking up of the downtrodden, Organ Donations Campaigns, ‘Beat diabetics Drive’, ‘Breast Cancer Campaigns’. The project that is close to her heart is “SUPPORT TO THE SPECIAL NEED” children both in India and in Kuwait.  IFL Kuwait
The positions she ordained and ordains are numerous like Chairperson, CBSE Affiliated Schools in the Gulf to Presiding over many organizations and clubs and as advisory member of forums and associations.
Her stature, dexterity, know-how of different subjects and exuberant power of coordination and motivation has made her a resource person who shuttles around the globe conducting workshops and seminars. Her belief in leading and creating leaders motivated her to open two Toastmaster clubs and two Gavel clubs in Kuwait.
It is her inherent talent that has resulted in her programs being telecasted in Doordharshan, private channels in India, Kuwait Radio, Kuwait TV Channels 2, News papers, and magazines in Kuwait and India. She has penned on study materials in English, Social Studies workbooks, GK and Kindergarten books.
Her Success is attributed to her strong close knitted family, her husband, Mr.James, Ex Scientist from Hyderabad, her daughter, Nancy, Karthik, her son in law, and dear loving grandchildren, the light of her eyes, Nithik and Niranjana, her siblings, blessing of her parents, and her bosom friends and family friends.
The deep trail she remains on the shore of her life is really a motivational track for the coming generations of women especially in a community where women are marginalized. Such an inspiring woman personality among the expats of Kuwait is really a pride of Indians in Kuwait.

IFL Kuwait

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