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LalehBusheri, is the CEO of a Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, a non-profit NGO working in Pune since 1996.

1Prashanti Cancer Care Mission began because there were patients who quit treatment midway or didn’t start at all simply because they couldn’t afford it. Irony of the fact was that a number of these patients could have been successfully treated. Prashanti was born due to the unfulfilled needs of departed Cancer patients , care givers, survivors, volunteers and doctors touched by cancer!

Laleh hails from the royal family from Persia (presently Iran), a direct descendant of the Qajar dynasty and a great Grand niece of Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, 48thImam of Ismaih Shias. Her education background is a Bachelor in Law (L.L.B) followed by a Master’s degree (L.L.M) at University of Mumbai for which she was awarded a training fellowship.

To pursue her true passion and acumen for social work, Laleh started counseling and helping needy cancer patients and families at Prashanti Mission in (year 2009 ). With the help of like-mined kind souls, she has been able to expand the outreach of Prashanti Mission activities to a much larger and wider scale. Today, Laleh is friend-in-chief of this well-established and reputed NGO that provides free or affordable diagnosis, medical treatment (sugery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy), patient support and rehabilitation to cancer patients and their families from various social and financial strata. Prashanti Mission touches the lives of close to 30,000 cancer affected families in Pune and its surroundings every year.

She has established &involved in day-to-day operations of Orchid’s Breast Health Center in Pune.  This unique facility has gained reputation as being a one-of-a-kind integrated Center of Excellence for Breast Cancer in India for its unmatched medical expertise, sophisticated infrastructure and treatment protocols. A multidisciplinary team of Oncosurgeons, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists, Physicians, Nurses and patient counselors work together to provide internationally established standards of medical care to Breast Cancer patients. Of the approximately 10,000+ women visiting the center every year, close to 850 patients undergo Breast Cancer surgery and subsequent treatment. Orchids Center has unmatched technological capabilities for faster and effective detection of Breast Cancer in the most-affected middle-aged women (age 35-50).

2Under the auspices of Prashanti Mission, Laleh was instrumental in starting the first breast cancer marathon in Pune. In its (4th)year, this annual marathon was well attended with over15,000 people running for the Breast Cancer cause in 2016.  She has lead the creation of a one-of-a-kind Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Van fully equipped with mammography machine and facilities for biopsy and Pap smear procedures. With the help of this van Prashanti Mission has been able to screen over thousands of women& will be screening approximately 40,000/- women this year.

Laleh is also founder member of the first Pink Ribbon Club in Pune& a counseling program for oncocounseling that is a support group for breast cancer patients that hand holds them through the bewildering waze of challenges the disease and brings to its wake. With the help of her large network of friends, well wishers and empathetic individuals, this club conducts local workshops, annual scientific symposia and fund raising activities to spread awareness about breast cancer in local communities.

She also heads the Research wing at Prashanti Cancer Care Mission. This research group has undertaken interesting projects in various topics of Breast Cancer research with include epidemiology, community health, novel breast imaging techniques, genetics, molecular biology, innovations in breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, exploring Ayurvedic interventions in cancer and material science aspects in better implant design for breast implants used in Breast Oncoplastic surgery. Eminent scientists from premier national research institutes are mentoring as well as collaborating on such projects. 

Ms. Laleh has also authored a book titled “Triumph Over Breast Cancer – Odysseys of Phenomenal Women ” With an intention to raise awareness about breast cancer. The bookisheartfelt recording of the private chronicles of 23 women who successfully  faced andovercame, what could well be the biggest health challenge of their lives. In each of the stories, there is phenomenal learning from the mistakes and experiences of each of these women who come from different backgrounds. These stories also reveal themes about increasing awareness, providing correct information about diagnosis and treatment protocols and gold standards of surgery including the importance of breast conservation and oncoplasty.

Prashanti Cancer Care Mission has now embarked on an ambitious program for early detection of woman cancer in the city. The women cancer screening project in Pune will also allow large scale population based data collection which will allow identification of prevalence of the cancers across various socio-economic strata of the society. This project will also involve determining the clinical and social impact of a population screening program in a large India city. Findings from this study will be useful to various stake holders such as the individual member of society, NGOs, philanthropic funding bodies, governmental health agencies as well as policy makers. By collection of meaningful data from the participating women, it will also be possible to establish an urban epidemiology study cohort in Pune city for identifying risk factors, genetics, progression and disease surveillance of women cancers on a community scale in the Indian context.

She has  been applauded nationally for empowering woman for breast care and cancer
She has been richly felicitated by many awards some being:-

2012 "Ray of Hope"by the Asian Breast Cancer Congress for her commitment 

2014 Tejaswani award by the Rotary for her exemplary services and touching the lives of many

2015 The Citadel Award for excellence in the field 

2015 She has been received the FeminaPowerlist woman of the year for Maharashtra

2015 Premium Award Inner Wheel for exceptional work in the field of Cancer.

2017 Icons of Pune Women” by Lokmat

2017 Women Entrepreneurship Award” by Bharat Nirman

2018 Times of india “Womans Icon Award “for social service

32018 Exceptional woman of Excellence award by the woman’s economic forum at The Hague Netherlands March 

2018 Woman Icon Summit & awards Singapore for contribution in the field of healthcare and cancer care

2018 Pune’s most powerful 2018-19

She has put Prashanti on a national map with marathons , international worshops,speaking at international forums and had established a unique centre of excellence in Orchids Breast Health

In her spare time, Laleh loves travelling &the company of friends who make her laugh and fulfill her unquenchable thirst for knowledge .She is also Indian Editor-in-Chief for an International Magazine ''Prive Asia'' Laleh has also been trained as a Bharatnatyam dancer trained for ten years under the tutelage of legendary danseuse Guru Satyawati.

When asked about her motivational credo for the role she plays at Prashanti Mission, Laleh humbly says “God has given me a chance to answer prayers of a suffering soul and I am blessed to be in a position to help or arrange help in any way I can. It is humbling to counsel a poor, lonely woman undergo her surgery or first chemotherapy session when she cannot even find words to articulate her apprehensions and mental turmoil. While it may make a world of difference to her life, in some ways, it makes a difference in my life too because it teaches me each time the infinite power of love. Thanks to Prashanti Mission, my life is unimaginably enriched as a I sleep and wake up every day with a renewed sense of purpose”.

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