Asma Aslam

Asma Aslam

She stands as a shining example of women empowerment.

     - by  S.Ramesh & R.Nurullah

Asma Aslam, a Muslim woman who fought all the odds stacked against her, came out unscathed and in f!ying colours. 

 To begin with, her father, a devout Muslim, never stood in the way of her ambitions. In fact, he was very broad-minded and is a pillar of support for her development both in her career and in life. He encouraged her to follow her passion with utmost dedication. 

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Asma did her schooling in Chennai. Her schooling days were very joyful. She was very studious but at the same time did well in extra-curricular activities and was very good at drawings and winner of many medals in sports, mainly in athletics.

Even from her childhood she always had a positive outlook about life. This was further enhanced by her father and relatives. She says that without the support of her father and relatives she would not have come this far. 

IFL KuwaitIt is generally difficult for a woman to continue her passion after marriage. One should say she was very lucky to have a very understanding and lovable husband. He backed her fully, 

made her realize her potential to the hilt and do accordingly. Her in-laws are also a source of strength for her in continuing with her avowed profession.

 People around her always appreciated her pleasant manners and considered her to be a pretty girl with humane nature to help people in distress. Her positive vibes also impacted the people around her and made them appreciate her. 

She proudly declares that she is well versed in Quran, Muslim culture,  and religious speeches too. 

In her formative years, Asma had been thinking about the purpose of her life. She was searching for it and found the institution that teaches much needed happiness, positivity with mind and universal exercises. Immediately she realized that this is where she will understand the purpose of her life and started learning them from then on. 

Now she has been practicing it for the past eight years and had become an expert in it. Her Masters in Crisis Management added with mind and universal exercises had made her to be a thoroughly positive woman.

 She now goes to different places and gives motivational speeches there. The audience (who comprise mostly of elders and seriously ill people) are always very appreciative and are grateful to her for changing their negative mindset about life with her pep talks over a period. 

She always impressed upon her friends and relatives about the benefits of the mind and universal exercises and meditation. 

They were a little skeptical at the beginning. Later they realized the health benefits and are now practicing it.

After her schooling, Asma did Airhostess Training Course. She was in charge of in-!ight handling of VIPs and celebrities. In her job she came across many celebrities like the great  Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and many.

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She wanted to further enhance her professional career and did the Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) course. After CPL, she worked as Group Captain (Chief Pilot) for Kingfisher Airlines. Her co-employees emphasized that she was tailor-made for the pilot job. 

Asma did not rest there. She then did her Masters (MBA) in Crisis Management. This further enhanced her positive attitude towards life and also helped her in public speaking. In near future she will be participating in debates on TV Channels and also do public speaking.

 After the closure of Kingfisher Airlines, she decided not to go for any other job and joined her family business. And she is now the Managing Director of her own flourishing business. 

Her MBA has helped her to manage crisis situations in her business very calmly and coolly. It has also made it easy for her in assessing prospective customers and making them her long-time

business clients. 

Her husband and children are rock-solid in backing her fully in this venture. 

She was never idle and kept herself occupied throughout her life. There is an old saying only if you have a wall you can do painting’ (Suvarai vaithudhaan Chithiram varaiya mudiyum). The positive thought that was inherent in her, even when she was a child, has further been forced by her studies, mind and universal exercise, job and her friends. 

Asma by her nature is a very adjustable person who likes to engage in good conversation (no small talk or gossip) with friends. Because of this nature, her friends adulate her. She is a total vegetarian by choice and not by chance. This satvic food along with the exercises she practiced has made her develop into a strong-willed woman but with an amicable nature. 

She is also a great believer in the saying `Too much of anything is good for nothing’ and hence partakes a moderate and balanced diet only.

Asma sleeps hardly for about four hours but her daily practice of alloting a hour each for meditation, mind and universal exercises keeps her fresh and helps her to have clear thoughts. A woman has to balance life between career and family life. 

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One must say that she has done wonderfully in this regard. She has two sons who are doing their schooling. 

She assiduously takes care of the needs of her husband and children. In fact, she never compromised on her family life at the cost of her career. It can be said with confidence that she has succeeded in fine-tuning her life by striking a good balance between her work ethics and family life. She is a versatile person who is fond of multi-tasking and good at it too. 

Asma also has some more projects on the anvil. She is now into the process of publishing weekly and monthly magazines that will cater to the people in all walks of life – from child, youth to senior citizen. The main contributors of the articles in the magazine named Chu*um Viral will be experts in education, sports, reputed re'red and serving government servants, political analysts and eminent politicians. 

She is glad to share with us that she is in the process of becoming a captain in international airlines (ATPL) that will make her eligible for piloting international lights. Very soon she is likely to start a Flying Club.

She is very service-oriented and actively participates in social welfare activities. She had diversified into many activities during the course of her life but enjoyed each and every one. 

One more thing that may be hard to believe, but true is that the great Saint Shirdi Sai Baba came in Asma’s dream one day and blessed her. She told Baba that people do not have permanent or eternal happiness but indulge in measures that bring about only temporary or imaginary happiness. Baba told her that happiness does not come from outside but comes from within. He asked her to set an example in this regard and become a catalyst for others to follow. She is trying her best to do this and she is almost there in this regard. She has a very strong personality and says a strong and powerful light guides her through her life. She has the intuition powers that help her differentiate good people from the bad. 

She is also a good mind reader who can find out easily if any people approach her with ulterior intentions and reprimand them immediately. 

Asma Aslam is a strong-willed person who excels in everything she does. She is also a connoisseur of art and is good at drawings. In addition to that, she has a very acceptable nature with a very helping tendency. Finally, Asma comes out as a wholesome person with a very positive mindset.


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