“A story of an young business entrepreneur” 

“When you believe in yourself, everything will be possible”

- by Subbu

RK 02When it comes to expat world in GCC there are lots of struggle stories but some deserve the spotlight.

“What makes a man so successful? It is his wealth? His humanitarian activities? Name of Fame? Or his brains??? Let’s read what made Mr. Raj so successful”

A young achiever of business world who made sensation with his brilliant ideas about managing money and creating livelihood for hundreds of educated mass in India and in abroad in very young age.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Raj well known in Kuwait as  Raj, is a successful businessman – a MBA graduate who is ruling business world successfully since more than a decade. Young and energetic Raj hails from Vijawada Andhra Pradesh (India) born and brought up in Dubai, UAE. Raj started his career as a line employee in a reputed company in food sector.

His eagerness to learn and devotion towards his goals lead him to climb the ladder of success at the age of 35 he became a businessman leading a multinational Foodchain company (Fresh Island General Trading Company) a leading business based in Kuwait, India and looking forward to expand their business in UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

3Raj is the Founder of Goldindia Foodstuff Company,                          Managing director of Fresh Island General Trading Company W.L.L (Kuwait),  Shriyanraj Commoditites Pvt Ltd (India) managing over 520 employees and supporting Kuwait market with food processing materials and act as distribution channel with reputed Kuwaiti companies with tough competition and dominating bid suppliers he could able to make a base business with added value with differentiating service and products from the existing.

Raj’s vision is to develop Farming and Agriculture to provide employment to graduates in agricultural field and traditional farming farmers. His vision made him to own Farms, Fishery, Harvesting shrimps and cultivation in more than 90 acres of land in India: all products are exported to abroad. He owns Export and Import companies in India.

The slogan behind his key to success is to “When you believe in yourself, everything will be possible”.

02 RKThey are leading wholesale food services company in Kuwait. Since 1991, the only company in Kuwait has variety of rice, spices, Pulses, Oils and foodstuff under several leading brands.

A team of more than 30 members are committed for QUALITY control. They have been successful and establishing long – term business and personal relationships with the companies and individuals that share and practice the mutual belief that honesty, integrity, and reliability are very important to everyone’s success.

4These relationships have allowed them to become a leading company. They supply to Catering Companies and restaurants and medium grocery and stores, hypermarkets all over Kuwait. Fresh Island has been able to achieve the highest standards in Food Services, due to the kind assistance of the “Customers.”

The foundation of their business is based on ethical and moral principles that have help to become a leader of food supply chain market, it ensures that every consumer is fully satisfied with their products.

They are proud to have multi-talented, skilled professionals on their team. Highly talented in all areas, tis expert management has been the guiding force behind their safe and high standard of production and process. They believe in their employees and honor the devotion and sincerity they show towards the company.

“We know that with the support of our team we will expand into new ventures that will lead to progress and prosperity of not only the company, but of the society as well” says Raj.

FI 01His vision is to be recognized as a global leader in traditional, natural and most authentic rice produce along-with socio-economic development of all stake holders and community at large.

The mission of the company is to wok continuously; consistently develop methods & processes keeping traditional sanctity intact to produce quality Food products.

“Our endeavor remains to deliver value for money and consistent quality incessantly.” “Customers” joy is our most valued possession. We put in a lot to ensure that the customer cherishes experience with us “says RAJ.

He believes a strong nation can be build when our farmers become self-sufficient and our youth gets proper employment and guidance.

He has few hobbies like shopping, sports, music, travelling etc., to facilitate luxurious travel experience to tourists and artists, he started production house to facilitate film shootings in Dubai.

Raj is involved in humanitarian activities too. He is working on health care and other social awareness activities as well to facilitate needy people.



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