Dr Fauzia Khan

Dr Fauzia Khan

 - Rajya Sabha MP & National President of the Women's Wing of  NCP

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Dr. Fauzia Khan is a distinguished Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha (Upper House) from the Nationalist Congress Party and a prominent leader in the Indian political landscape.

As the National President of the Women's Wing of the Nationalist Congress Party and a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha, she has been instrumental in shaping policies and legislation that impact the nation.

Furthermore, she presently finds herself to be a member of Pariamentary Standing Committee(s) on Women Empowerment as well as Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution.

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Dr. Khan has a rich political background spanning over two decades. She has also been a two-time M.L.C., i.e., a member of the Legislative Council, the upper house of Maharashtra Legislature.

As the first Muslim woman in the state to serve as a minister in the Maharashtra government, Dr. Khan has been a role model for women from minority communities. She served as Minister for General Administration, Education, Health, and Women and Child Development, where she initiated several progressive reforms to improve the state's governance and welfare system.

She heads the Federation of All Maharashtra Minority Education Organisation (FAME), which runs several educational institutions in Parbhani, where she began her political journey. Further, she is also a Member of Maharashtra State Board Of Waqf.

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On the political side, she is the National Women's President of the Nationalist Congress Party that is led by Shri Sharad Pawar.

Dr Khan's passion for public service has earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Sansad Ratna award for being the best parliamentarian. She is a dynamic leader who is committed to promoting gender equality, education, and social justice.

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