How Men are Special..?

How Men are Special..?
                                                                                           CA.S Natarajan,salem
Gets up, fresh up and bring the milk from pack
Prepare coffee (from milk kept in fridge) before wife gets up
Heats the fresh milk
Drinks coffee and wash the utensils
Goes for a walk
Cleans the vehicle both of self and wife
Cleans the Shoes of child and polish
Irons the cloth of children (in the last minute)
Dress up children
Bring them to school bus (sometimes run behind the bus if late otherwise waiting for the bus)
Hurry drive for the forgotten things of children
Take bath in a hurry
Take food in a hurry
Office work starts
Relaxing with alternative works
Brings the children from bus to Home - think of waiting in hot summer at bus stop
Office work continues
Office work ends
Come home with tired feel expecting wife's warm welcome
Wife is busy watching TV
No alternative, men also enjoy TV with wife (their choice)
After TV go for food
Men sit for TV show of their own choice.....????