Amir of kuwait granted pardon to some jailed Indians

Amir of kuwait granted pardon to some jailed  Indians
 Indian  Embassy, kuwait announces-as a goodwill gesture, His Highness the Amir of Kuwait has recently granted pardon to some Indian nationals who are undergoing jail sentence. Our Embassy has received a list of Indian prisoners who have received Royal pardon this year.
 2.      Details are below:
 i)            A total of 16 Indian prisoners have been released with immediate effect. The charges against them range from being involved in drugs peddling, liquor trading or petty offences;
ii)          The jail sentence of 38 Indian prisoners has been reduced — from life term to 15 years in few cases as well as reduction of the sentence period of other convicts to a half/quarter period of the original jail sentence. These persons were mainly involved in murder, liquor/drugs trafficking and petty misdemeanor cases;
iii)        One Indian prisoner jailed in a traffic case has been granted exemption from deportation; and
iv)        Total 33 Indian prisoners, involved in liquor & drugs cases, were exempted from payment of fines.
 3.      At present 213 Indian prisoners are serving sentences (205 male in Central and Public Jails, 8 females in Central Jail).
 4.      The Embassy’s efforts are towards early ratification of bilateral Transfer of Sentence Prisoners Agreement from the Kuwaiti side, which would provide relief to many convicts enabling them to return to India for serving the remaining sentence period in Indian jails. 
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