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Violators of provisions of Labor Law face two-year ban

The Public Authority for Manpower is proceeding with measures to prevent violation of the labor law. The authority decided the punishment if the law is violated will start with partially suspending the employer’s file all the way to permanent closure and going to court. The authority said the concerned department can suspend the employer’s file partially, while authorizing the director to temporary lift the suspension to give the employer time to correct the situation, then the file can be suspended again if the reasons for the suspension are not corrected.

The authority has the right, if violations reach a grave level to the point of affecting public interest and harming Kuwait’s reputation, to close the file either temporally or permanently based on the gravity of the violation (lying, cheating or forgery of documents submitted to the authority).The authority banned employers from closing the work premises if there are workers registered on the license, and if this is not adhered to, the inspection department has the right to suspend the file until the violation is removed. In case the violation is repeated, the addition of new labor will be suspended for a minimum of three months.

Meanwhile, the authority explained the reasons that allow an employer to file an absconding report against an employee – that is not reporting to work for seven days. The employer must submit it to the interior ministry within 15 days – also he must put the report in a visible place at the workplace until a decision is made. The authority stipulated an employer who files an absconding report to not restore the worker to his job until after the report is cancelled. The authority can ban the worker from getting a work permit for a minimum of two years in case the worker violates the labor law or the terms of the contract.-K.T.


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