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Kuwaitization of 3,140 jobs targeted by Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) continues to replace expatriate employees with Kuwaitis in different ministries and governmental bodies as part of its ‘Kuwaitization’ plan. Speaking to the press yesterday, the commission’s Chairman Ahmad Al-Jassar said that CSC was currently targeting the Kuwaitization of 3,140 jobs of the total employments in the country. He added that these include 15 job descriptions fitting the criteria, with the exception of the ones in the medical field. The strategy, which was approved during the fiscal year 2017/2018, aims to provide Kuwaitis with job opportunities as part of the country’s developmental plan, Jassar noted. The government has given instructions to each state department to achieve complete Kuwaitization of their respective staff by 2022, but this task has proven very challenging for certain departments including the education and health ministries which heavily rely on technical expatriate employees.-KUNA


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