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No special authority to resolve the problem of demographic imbalance in Kuwait


The government does not welcome a parliamentary proposal to establish a special authority to resolve the problem of demographic imbalance because the government plans to reduce the number of state departments and seeks to cut expenses, well-informed sources said. The sources added that establishing more authorities will impede the government’s work and increase bureaucracy, leading to contradicting liabilities and specialties.

“This proposal is more motivated by passion and enthusiasm, but it is illogical,” stressed the sources, noting that this task is already being done by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Economic Development Hind Al-Sabeeh. The sources said that practical decisions will be made soon to get rid of many marginal laborers, adding that setting a certain quota per nationality is being taken into consideration, although it is not likely to be put into practice now.

In other news, parliamentary sources said a meeting will be held by the end of this week to discuss practical procedures to wrap up the case of storming the parliament. The sources added that over 14 MPs had so far expressed intentions to attend the meeting and work on the issue of an amnesty law, be it general or special. The sources added that MPs plan to discuss a general amnesty first, demanding the release of prisoners and allowing those abroad to avoid prison on returning home.


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