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Attempt to smuggle drug pills foiled


Customs officers at Shuwaikh Port foiled an attempt to smuggle 1,342,955 narcotic pills the largest quantity for this year so far. North Ports Customs Director Saleh Al-Harbi disclosed that an inspector at Shuwaikh Port got suspicious upon seeing the container, so he used a modern device to detect any forbidden item.

He said the container was offloaded and the customs officers found 2,500 cartons with two packages each, adding that each package contained Captagon pills in plastic bags.

He went on to say the port authorities contacted the Customs Security Department to take the necessary measures, as well as the Drug Control General Department to follow up the case and arrest whoever is behind the smuggling of such a big quantity of narcotic pills.

He then praised the officers assigned at North Ports Customs, especially those at Shuwaikh Port, for their vigilance and commitment to their work. High-ranking officials, including the deputy director general for Customs Affairs, were present at Shuwaikh Port to deal with the smuggling case.


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