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Certificate of descriptions to evict bachelors from family homes

The “certificate of descriptions” for real estate property may be a viable solution and the right way to evict bachelors from the private and model residential areas to set free families from their restrictions, reports Al-Rai daily.

This document has become an ‘available solution’ to Kuwait Municipality in accelerating the process of evicting singles, indicating the inspectors can now direct a warning violation and issue citations, and even ask for a certificate of description of the property, which indirectly authorizes the removal of singles.

An official source from the Municipality confirmed to Al-Rai that the request to produce certificate of description of the infringing property, which proves renting out to bachelors, would embarrass the violator (owners) when they are confronted with notification and warning. This will force them to evacuate the singles immediately to avoid falling into the trap of building violations.

He added “the idea of resorting to certificate of descriptions will be somewhat useful, especially as all properties occupied by singles are in violation of the law of construction, both in the construction of rooms on the roofs, or partition of real estate into multiple rooms without the consent of the municipality”.

The source pointed out that “the procedure of disclosure does not mean entry into the property and disclosure, but the evidence of any violation will be clear, indicating the owner will be warned to remove the singles, and failure to remove to do so will lead to request for certificate of descriptions, and therefore the violation will be referred to the Public Prosecution to decide”. He stressed that “this procedure is fast compared to the mechanism currently followed, until the completion of the enactment of legislation or amendment desired by the law of the municipality. He pointed out that the mechanism will be an immediate proof of the case by filming and attaching the violation to the record”.


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