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Kuwait ranked 56th globally and fourth in the Middle East on the 2019 Passport Index.



Kuwait ranked 56th globally and fourth in the Middle East on the 2019 Henley Passport Index.According to the report, the citizens of Kuwait are allowed to travel to 91 destinations without a visa or visa upon arrival.

The top five in the Middle East include the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which ranked 22nd globally and first in the Middle East with its citizens having visa-free or visa-onarrival access to 164 destinations, and Qatar which ranked 60th globally and fifth in the Middle East (85 destinations). Bahrain ranked 63rd globally (81 destinations), Oman ranked 67th (76 destinations) and Saudi Arabia ranked 70th (73 destinations).

Japan goes into the new year holding 1st place on the Henley Passport Index, with citizens enjoying visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to 190 destinations.In a further display of Asian passport power, Singapore and South Korea now sit in joint 2nd place, with access to 189 destinations around the globe. Germany and France remain in 3rd place going into 2019, with a visa-free score of 188.

The US and the UK continue to drop down the Henley Passport Index – which is based on authoritative data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – and now sit in joint 6th place, with access to 185 destinations.This is a significant fall from the 1st place position that these countries held in 2015, and while a big question mark remains over the ultimate impact of Brexit, it is unlikely that either country will reclaim the top spot anytime soon. Dr Christian H. Kälin, Group Chairman of Henley & Partners, says despite rising isolationist sentiment in some parts of the world, most countries remain committed to collaboration and mutually beneficial agreements.

China now sits in 69th place, with access to 74 countries around the world. As in 2018, countries with citizenship- by-investment (CBI) programs continue to hold their strong positions on the index. Malta sits in 9th spot, with access to 182 destinations and St Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda hold 27th and 28th spot respectively, while Moldova remains in a strong position at 46th place, with citizens able to access 122 countries.-A.T.


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