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20,000 absconding reports and 16,626 manpower complaints were filed against expatriates in 2018,



About 20,000 absconding reports were filed against expatriates in 2018, says Deputy Director General for Manpower Protection Affairs at Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Mutawtah.

He revealed that more than 16,626 manpower complaints were concerning residency transfers or end-of-service indemnities.In a press statement, Al-Mutawteh explained that PAM has established a new integrated automated system for the Labor Relations Department. One of the characteristics of this system is that it enables the sponsors to report an absconding employee electronically.

The procedures adopted by PAM contribute to reducing the number of malicious or fake reports. The Manpower Investigation Department determines whether the employee is present at his/ her workstation.If the absconding report was filed maliciously, the employer is summoned and questioned. He revealed that the number of recorded complaints related to manpower reached 16,626 which were received by the concerned departments. Al-Mutawteh explained that the complaints were concerning issues related to transfer of residency and end-of-service indemnity. Both kinds were submitted either directly or online.-A.T.



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