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Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested land at west of Mishref for embassies of 4 countries



In a radical solution to the crisis of consulates and the headquarters of diplomatic missions which are established in residential areas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested the Council of Ministers to allocate 4 plots of land in the ‘Diplomatic Zone’ west of Mishref, specifically in Section 7B for this purpose.The area measuring 2,000 square meters required to shift the Egyptian Consulate and the Bangladesh, the Philippines and Sri Lankan missions to west Mishref.

The request for the allocation of land comes in view of the large number of citizens of these countries which necessitates the provision of suitable sites for the establishment of consulates and embassies for the benefit of their communities. The Foreign Ministry confirmed that the allocation of land will be free of charge based on the principle of reciprocity.-A.T.


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