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Manpower authority plans to impose new conditions on hiring expats older than 65



The Public Authority for Manpower plans to impose new conditions on transactions for expats older than 65 who hold no university degrees.Some labor departments had already started banning visa transfers from one company to another for this particular category.

According to Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) statistics, the total number of expats older than 65 is 23,500 in the private sector, 2,250 as domestic helpers, 9,516 housewives, 488 retirees with special income and 1,094 unemployed.10,217 expats older than 65 hold university degrees or higher, while 8,914 are illiterate, 8,599 can only read and write, 6,082 have completed high school, 5,618 intermediate school and 4,302 only have a primary school education. -A.T.


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